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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

The Lord Is Never Silent!

Saturday, 09 February 2019 / Published in Recent Media / 180 views

The Lord Is Never Silent!
Sacinandana Swami: I believe the most difficult part of being a conditioned soul is dealing with the silence of God. All devotees – especially older ones – arrive at the point of questioning, “I’m trying, I’m calling out to You, I’m giving my best – do You care? Do you notice? Is it important to You? Can You notice?” However, Krsna is never silent – He just communicates in ways different to what we expect. He supports us by always being right by our side, by accompanying us at every step and by giving us the strength to get through every situation. The Lord’s apparent silence is only something created by our perception. Actually, the Lord is ever-present with us – arranging things for our benefit which we often see in due course of time. He is there, silently carrying you through everything. Yes, it’s nice to have a sign, and often the Lord speaks through the revealed scriptures. And sometimes He also talks to you directly. Yes! Don’t worry, Srila Prabhupada promises this too. I experienced this a few years ago when I was on an intense preaching tour in London. My schedule was overly packed with preaching engagements and one morning when the alarm clock went off, everything in me screamed: “No, no, no!” At that time I heard, very clearly, three times in my heart: “Balance, balance, balance”. Now, for anyone else, this doesn’t sound like an extraordinary experience, but for me it was a direct intervention of the Supreme Lord Paramatma. Subsequently, I took time to rest and canceled a few appointments. The Lord does speak to devotees if they are willing to listen.

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