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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Jagannath Ratha Yatra Bogor

Saturday, 23 February 2019 / Published in Reports / 481 views

By Hari Narayana Das

Bogor Street Festival 2019 was held on Tuesday (02/19/2019) starting at 14.00 WIB. The cultural arts festival carried the theme Katumbiri Lighting Festival 2019. The 2019 Katumbiri Lighting Festival activity was held at 19.00 WIB. Drumband Pusdikzi, Hadroh, Lighting, FADE IN, Indian Culture Parade, South Sulawesi Kipas Dance, Nacha San Thay Zhe, Tainan City, Reog Singo Ngumboro, Ponorogo, Wayang Landus Ciamis, Dipokersen, Bogor City, Barong Keket Bali, Ngarot, Indramayu, The KAWANUA community, Ratha Yatra chariot, Hare Krishna Cisarua Bogor Community, Ogo-Ogoh Pure Bumi Natha Shakti, and various other art and cultural performances displayed at this festival. Bogor Mayor Mr. Bima Arya Sugiarto said, the CGM-Bogor Street Festival was an arena of national culture and heritage that could be enjoyed by the entire community.

“Make the Ratha-yatra festival very great success. This will be a great introduction in your city and people will appreciate it and if we can introduce successfully this Ratha-yatra festival not only in San Francisco but also in New York and also in Montreal then it will be a great success of my mission in this country.” (SPL to Syamasundara, 4th May, 1967)

As one of the participants of the festival devotees prepared the chariot nicely. the preparation was held at parking area in front of stores area. Devotees from Bali came earlier and made flower garland and the chariot team reassembled the chariot. A bus full of devotees from Lampung also participated on the ratha yatra of Lord Jagannath. They also carried Lord Jaganntah, Lord Balaram, and Their beloved sister Subadra devi on long journey from Lamung to Bogor. Devotees from Lampung arrived in Bogor at 01.00 A.m. and directly headed to Sri Sri Radha Govinda temple.

“The highest perfectional stage of everyone’s talent is to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari, by his craftsmanship, scientific knowledge, philosophical research, or similar any other energy. Please continue this attitude of service and success of life is assured for you.” (SPL to Syamasundara, 15th July, 1968)

At 16.00 P.m. Lord Jagannath arrived along with the devotees from temple. The the Lord sat on the chariot. The pujari put Lord Jagannath on beautiful dress and flower garlands before They gave darsan to the people of Bogor. Many people took darsan and picture in front of the chariot. They were so happy to see the lord on the chariot. Kirtan was done in front of the Lord’ chariot. People who watched the festival absorbed in the melodious Hare Krisana Mahamantra sang his grace Sundar Gopala prabhu. Some of the visitor also participate on the sing of Maha Mantra. The sankirtan book warrior lead by his grace Srigarbha prabhu took the opportunity to distribute Srila Prabhupada’ book. Many people took it. They were so happy having the book.

“For the present you endeavor to make Ratha-yatra festival grand and successful. You should arrange the procession and procedure so nicely that all the neighborhood people may be attracted to join the procession.” (SPL to Upendra, 1st June, 1968)

At 19.00. P.m. the festival started. One by one participants came forward and showed their performaces in front of the honoring guest. When the chariot passed the first honoring stage, the former first lady of Indonesia, Mrs. Sinta Nuriyah Wahid, wife of the fourth president of Indonesia Mr. K.H. Abdulrahman Wahid or Gus Dur watched attentively. Gus dur was president of Indonesia who gave the independence to the minority to do their tradition in public. He also had met H.H.Bhaktiswarupa Damodara swami and discussed about the freedom of the people to do their religious practice. Mrs. Sinta Nuriyah Wahid happily accepted one Bhagavad-gita and flower garland that already offered to The Lord. Along thefestival there were bare space on both side of the street. People were eagerly saw and took picture of the chariot. They also tried to imitate the chanting of maha Mantra. Event not completely fluence but they were happy. Entering the second honoring stage, where Mr. Ridwan Kamil, the governor of West Java, Bogor’ Mayor Mr. Bima Arya Sugiarto, guests from ambassadors of neighboring country watched the performace of the festival. When Lord Jagannath arrived, somehow on the stage a bharata Natyam dancer started performed as it welcomed the Lord.

It was half way to finished, devotees started to become tired, suddenly a group of senior high school asked to participate on pulling the chariot. We allowed them to participate. Devotees teach them slowly. One of them express that Maha Mantra Hare Krishna was difficult to utter. Then by the mercy of the Lord after tried for many times they could chant the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra completely. They were joyful pulled Lord chariot while chanting and dancing.

Arriving in the finished line, devotees took arrest and honoring prasadam that already prepare from Sri Sri Radha Govinda temple. Then devotees returned to their respected house. Lord Jagannath also took long journey to Lampung along with devotees in a bus.

“I thank you all very much for making the Ratha-yatra festival so successful. Please convey my gratitude to all the boys and girls who participated in this great transcendental service. (SPL to Upendra, 4th July, 1968)

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