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Fire at Polish farm Community

Monday, 27 April 2009 / Published in Appeals / 4,734 views

By Trivikrama Swami

On Friday (17 of April 2009), 10:30pm Prema Bhakti Prabhu, his wife Mayamari dd and their two boys, aged six and two, were coming back from the nama- hatta meeting in another city. As they approached their residence they saw huge flames shooting out from the building. They lived on the top of the barn where we have cows and oxes, 7 in total. Naturally they ran ahead to get the animals to safety and were just in time to do that. There were four brahmacaries who were already sleeping in another building. 30 minutes later the fire brigade came. They worked all night in extinguishing the fire. Fortunately neither man or animals suffered any bodily harm.

What are the losses?
– Young grihasta family with two small boys lost in the fire everything they possessed.
– Amit Krishna Prabhu – brahmacari from Tirupati who was the guest visiting our farm has lost in the fire his entire luggage and passport.
– Cows lost their barn and hay reserves.
– Polish ISKCON farm community lost one of the two buildings. In that building there was the barn, a flat for a devotee who is full time taking care of cows and his family, guest rooms, tool room, storage room…

How is the situation after 8 days? Young grihasta couple, cows and entire farm community is getting support from friends and devotees from all over the Poland. Many devotees are coming to the farm to offer some practical help.

How is the situation with the cows? Cows are staying under the sky and eating some fresh grass and hay kindly donated by local neighbours. Fortunately snow disappeared three weeks ago and there is some fresh grass available. Devotees are intensely thinking about arranging some secure temporary shelter for them.

What are the plans? Building was insured, but before the money will be payed it may take some time? Definitely there is a need to build new safe, secure barn for the cows and flat for devotee who takes care of the cows and his family. Construction should be finished as soon as possible because winters are very long and severe here. Temperature can go down to -30 Celsius degree.

Support Dear devotees if any of you would like to support the construction of temporary shelter for the cows or support grihasta family who has lost all of their possessions in the fire please consider making some donation to the Polish Farm Temple President’s (Raghunath Prabhu) paypal account:

Hare Krishna Thank you very much for your attention.

Yours servant, Trivikrama Swami (Regional Sec.)

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