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Monday, 27 April 2009 / Published in Gokulananda Das, Poetry / 2,635 views

Gokulananda das ACBSP:

who are we
but mist to the sun
adrift in time’s
shifting sands

wandering without aim
in this fools’ paradise
our misplaced desires
reaping only bitter fruits

our evanescent dreams
blown to the wind
our smiling gardens
awash in crimson thorns

our deluded empires
wasted by futility
as our wistful hopes
soon turn to ashes

surely this shadow play
hides a deeper meaning
which suffering distills
for those who want to learn

into the requisite lessons
to further our arduous journey
beyond the hopeless desert
towards the luxuriant oasis

where the fountain of wisdom
can assuage our ancient thirst
for life-giving truth
beyond this harsh finality

within so many trials
a new meaning is revealed
towards the dawn of awareness
of our transcendent self

and of the benevolent Witness
Who patiently beckons
our sincere petition
to understand His ways

He always knows
what we require
to bring us
back to Him

His gracious hand
tenderly pushes us forward
towards His secure shelter
where everything is understood

in humble submission
to His perfect plans
we at last regain
full trust in our enduring Friend

as we again consent
to His loving embrace
whether in joy and sorrow
always His worthy servant

if He is pleased
with our sincere heart
He may allow us entrance
into His eternal festival of love

and thus rejoice
in His limitless splendor
in full communion
with His Ocean of Love

Jai Sri Krishna!

Gokulananda das ACBSP April 25th/2009

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