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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Sell in bunches like bananas! (Album of photos)

Tuesday, 26 February 2019 / Published in Recent Media / 203 views

Sell in bunches like bananas! (Album of photos)
Today we set up a new record(for the next few weeks) for Harinama Ashram, distributing 11 sets of 7 maha books per day! Sapta rsi, Srila Prabhupada ‘s Lilamrita and CC sets were taken by random people in the subway today. We started doing these sets from December Prabhupada’s Marathon and till now it became so successful like never before.
There is a third law of book distribution which says “The more you show the more you sell. The more you show the more you sell!” And from my own experience, I would say it works a lot! In my case, this law is only one thing which works.
It is truly unbelievable and I personally feel very fortunate to be the smallest part of this.
Remember I read in OFB how devotees would go out and try to distribute Krishna book, and how if they did at least one(!) they felt great ecstasy. What would Srila Prabhupada say right now seeing this extremely dedicated devotees to Krishna and to Him…If they can do it, this means that He is very much pleased and empowers us to do more and more every day.
Thank you dearest Srila Prabhupada for unlimited mercy and inspiration! All glories to You! All glories to Gurudeva!
May everyone gets inspired by these photos and go out on the streets to preach about Krishna!
Find them here:

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