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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

DO I LOVE MAYAPUR DHAM? (Album of photos)

Friday, 08 March 2019 / Published in Recent Media / 460 views

DO I LOVE MAYAPUR DHAM? (Album of photos)

Srutakirti Das: My wife and I arrived in Mayapur on Feb 22nd. We left this morning, March 8th. I have to admit Mayapur is growing on me. I’ve resisted it for decades, hardly going there. Vrindavan is where I felt more comfortable, smaller. You could know most residents after a few weeks. Not in Mayapur, maybe in a few lifetimes.

Vrindavan, everything is right there. Beautiful Krsna Balarama! Radhe Shyam! Prabhupada’s residence, everything just a few steps away. Not like that in Mayapur. I spent the last two weeks in one of the closest housing developments to the Temple, Sakhi Nivas. When you walk back and forth a few times a day you start to remember morning walks with your Guru.

I haven’t walked so much since then, funny thing is I feel better than I have in a long time, even my digestion. Who knew! And when it comes to eating, nothing tops Mayapur. If you want something, just ask someone who has lived there. You can get almost anything. After all, the community is now represented by 64 countries, yes 64.

You want Russian prasadam, no problem and they make, rope cheeses, cottage cheese, sour cream and of course all their entries. They aren’t to be outdone by the Italians and all the possibilities that brings. My fav is my friend and godbrother, Advaita prabhu, His little kitchen has the best homemade Italian food and you can look at the Domes while you wait for your pizza and minestrone.

You can see why I am beginning to like Mayapur more and more. Don’t forget Chinese food, Bengali and the Maha Prasadam stalls that are everywhere. My wife would probably say her favorite place was Madhus Bakery and they do have plenty of wonderful preps there and for about a dollar you will be well fed.

And then there is the fresh Juice Bars, sugar cane juice vendors, and of course, a trip to Mayapur isn’t complete without drinking plenty of coconut water.
You can see by the things I am attracted to I am not very advanced in spiritual life. There are many that come for other reasons. That’s easy. The Panca Tattva. How do you describe 5 Personalities that are so overwhelmingly beautiful that it takes several minutes to look at just One of Them, but here are 5.

Then you move along to the next altar where stand Sri Sri Radha Madhava and 8 Sakhis, just in case you were able to leave The Panca Tattva, now you have to figure out how to gaze upon these 10 incredible Deity forms with two pretty useless eyes. You finally get to understand why you need millions of eyes. You would have to spend an hour in one spot just to take some of all this exquisite beauty in, but there is more.

It’s hard to imagine anything could get better but the Spiritual Realm is like that. See for yourself it’s who we all push and shove for, line up for, station yourself at the front, before everyone else gets there. Because, now you are going to see the most powerful, most feared, most loved, most prayed to for just about everything. The Supreme Lord Nrsimhadeva.

He’s got your back. He’s got you covered. I am so attracted to Him and I don’t even know why. I just know I want Him in my corner all the time.

I could go on writing but I know I wouldn’t read a post this long, so I’ll stop here. Turn on sometime and see Them all every day. Or better still, do as Prabhupada desired and visit these holy Dhamas for your purification and become enlivened.

OMG! I almost forgot the TOVP, you will have to look that up, and the Ganga, where you can go take mud baths on the bank before dipping in the cool waters of the most famous river in the Three Worlds.
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Srimad Bhagavatam class from Mayapur, March 9, 2019
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