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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Who knows….what’s tomorrow?

Wednesday, 20 March 2019 / Published in Blog thoughts / 711 views

One evening my father read aloud “an Ethiopian airplane crashed on 10th march 2019 killing more than 150 people from more than twelve countries including an Indian UN official. It is the most deadly Ethiopian airplane crash” What a tragedy! Everything got over within no time. Many of them were flying with plans of work while others with vacations plans, but all that planning and excitement finished just in a matter of seconds. Life is unpredictable; anything can happen at any time. Everything that we have achieved, accumulated, gained, is over forever. Thus, we need to focus on the real purpose of life. Our life should be utilised in the perfect way in the time we have.

People from countries around the world came here in this plane with different plans and to different destinations but are suddenly blown up within seconds. Why! You might think why so many innocent people had to die! Is there no justice in this world? Does god not care about some of the people? The answer is that god thinks equally for everyone. Suppose tomorrow you get to know that there was a man behind the crash. He made a glitch in the engine, causing the plane to crash. What would you say? Most of you would say “such a ruthless man! He should be given the hardest of punishments!” there, you said it yourself. This is where the law of god comes into action ‘THE REACTION OF KARMA’.

The karmic reactions are like the third law of sir Isaac Newton’s law of motions which states ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’. In the past life or in the present life all of them were involved in a situation of taking others lives or being the cause of it. They might have done something in the past and are getting it back now. Still as we are tiny fractions in the service of Shri Krishna we should always be compassionate to every soul in this universe, in which ever body they may be. Krishna‘s plans are perfect and are like pieces of puzzle which fall into place at that the right time and at the right place. All these people were spirit souls that were just diverted to the wrong path. Our bodies may be hurt and may bleed but the soul is never hurt so much so that it is not even scratched. As it is said in the second chapter twenty third verse-:

Nainam chindanti shastrani nainam dahati pavakah
nacheydyam kleda yantyapo nashoshayati marutah

Which means that the soul cannot be cut into pieces by any weapon nor can it be burned by fire nor can it be moistened by water and neither can it be withered by wind. When the plane blew up there was a lot of fire and sharp metal pieces flying around, but the souls that had come out from their bodies were not harmed even by the inch. This means that the soul is eternal ever existing and primeval. Then why should we lament on a person who is not dead? First let us understand why death is caused. In all our past births we have accumulated fruitful activities, and when these activities are exhausted our body dies, but again the soul never dies. The soul passes from boy hood to youth to old age. The soul similarly passes into another body at death, we may pass from all these stages but a sober person is not affected by such changes.

Every one of us has to die one day or another. Just the times would be different. Anyone who is walking now could be lifeless tomorrow. No one knows what could happen tomorrow. We are just like puppets in the hand of Krishna and we have to dance to his tunes whether we like it or not because Krishna does everything good for us. Just like a person affected with jaundice has to be given sweets and sweetened things to get cured from his disease. At that time no one cares whether he likes it or not because we all know, that is good for him. We should just be patient and always remember the lord and never forget Him, for that is the only way to attain perfection.
! Hare Krishna!
By –Prahlad Nimalan (Vrindavan)

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