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A Lifetime in Preparation (From Free Write Journal #31) The…

Sunday, 24 March 2019 / Published in Recent Media / 139 views

A Lifetime in Preparation (From Free Write Journal #31)
The printer suggested that Prabhupada not go on printing Back to Godhead, since he couldn’t pay for it. But Prabhupada insisted on producing the magazine. The man said he remembered Prabhupada coming to his printing shop early in the morning, wearing a worn chadar and not having eaten breakfast. The man would share a breakfast with Prabhupada, and they would go over the galleys of the latest Back to Godhead. It was a long walk for Prabhupada to get to the printer’s, but he did it because he couldn’t afford to take public transportation. And it was cold in the early mornings, and Prabhupada was not warmly dressed. The printer protested that he couldn’t go on printing the magazine because he wasn’t getting paid for it, but Prabhupada heavied him out and said he would get his money eventually, but he should go on printing.
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