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Ox Training Seminar, New Vraja Dhama, Hungary (10 min. video)

Thursday, 02 May 2019 / Published in Recent Media / 246 views

Ox Training Seminar, New Vraja Dhama, Hungary (10 min. video)
What is the role of the ox in cow protection? Attendees of the Ox Training Seminar in Vraja Dhama Hungary learned about training oxen and their valuable role in sustainable agriculture.

ISCOWP traveled to New Vraja Dhama farm in Hungary to help present the week-long Ox Training Seminar held April 17-24. Attendees came from Croatia, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, USA, Greece, England, and Hungary. This video presents some of the seminar’s activities and the thoughts of some of its attendees.

Training young calves to voice commands, driving mature oxen to perform farm tasks, making yokes, learning about different ox driven machines and learning about the philosophy behind ox power were a few of the topics covered. New Vraja Dhama farm was an excellent setting for such a seminar because they practice cow protection and do a large part of their agricultural activities with the oxen.
Watch it here:

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