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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

A final visit

Sunday, 09 June 2019 / Published in Recent Media / 360 views

Bhumi Devi Dasi: My Godbrother, His Grace PustaKrsna prabhu invited all the devotees over to his home today for a final visit. It was a beautiful and tearful event, and here he is getting a short nap after the program. With him in this picture is Daru Brahma, his wife of 30 something years and in the back row (along with me is Gail Rasangi Lewis, Vaidehi devi dasi and her mother.

Pusta Krsna and I had been talking quite a bit the past few months as I was going through different stages after my diagnosis. At the same time, he was waiting for a new liver but needed to get the liver he had in ship shape for the transplant. I was hoping that together, we would both be able to restore our health, but I guess Krsna has His own plans on timing. A lot of our conversations centered around the jolt of fear one gets when these diagnoses happen and he was so strong with his preaching to me about ignoring that “sinking feeling” we get in our minds because it simply comes from bodily identification. He also emphasized that the residents of Vrndavana, even though Krsna was present on this planet for 125 years, only spent about 8 of those years with Krsna present in their everyday life. The other 117 years were spent hearing and chanting about Krsna’s name, form pastimes, etc. He helped me so much and I owe so much for his counsel.
I am happy that I was able to make the trip up to Santa Cruz to spend the afternoon with him and all the devotees who came to visit today (a rough estimate was that there were maybe 40 devotees visiting.

We will miss him greatly and owe him so much. If any of you have known him at any time in your devotional past, please…by all means write about it here.

Manmohini Dasi, I told PustaKrsna what you said, and when I told him that you had always considered your relationship with him special, I could see the emotion he felt. He said you are a “sweetheart” and appreciated hearing your message.

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