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Is the concept of “Sustainable Development” a lie?…

Sunday, 09 June 2019 / Published in Recent Media / 191 views

Is the concept of “Sustainable Development” a lie? (4 min. video)
Those committed to industrial-commercial development of natural areas see this development as inherently progressive. Those committed to the integrity of the natural world and their indigenous peoples see this development as degradation since the intrusion of the human into the life systems of the planet has already gone beyond any acceptable limits.

To the one group, the human is considered primary in terms of reality and value while the larger, more integral Earth community is a secondary consideration. In the other group the integral Earth community (including the human) is seen as primary while human well-being in itself is seen as derivative. The one insists that the natural life systems must adapt primarily to human purposes. The other insists that the human must adapt to the priority of natural life systems. Ultimately there must be a mutual adaptation of the human and the natural life systems.
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