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First historical harinam in Montenegro

Saturday, 22 August 2009 / Published in Reports / 2,929 views

By Mohan das

hari hari PAMHO AGTSP Dear prabhus and Maharajas greetings from the island of Brach, Croatia.

My name is Mohan das and I am a TP of ISKCON temple in Karlovac – Croatia. For the last 6 years we have harinam tour all over the Adriatic sea which spontaneously grow in the big traveling “Festival of India”. Last year our audience was around half million of people AND THIS YEAR IS EVEN MORE PEOPLE.

Many devotes suggested me that we should send a voice trough ISKCON world wide about our festival… So, this is my humble attempt to show you our small effort in spreading Srila Prabhupada movement.. We are on this island for the first time and we have really nice experience with local people.

Actually, this whole tour is really beautiful and we are full of new nice experiences and adventures with local people. In some places people from city government have told us that we must come next year also. It is true that it is more and more beautiful every year, and this one also. By now during this month and a half we have performed around 70 harinams in 50 different cities and places. And now we have one big news and plea for you. We have big honor to perform first harinam in history of one state ever! It is Montenegro – 25.08.2009. city – Herceg Novi.

There devotees have never had harinam before. It is such a great feeling to go to some country and perform harinam for the first time. It was similar feeling having gone to some cities in Croatia where there was never harinam, but like this to go to some country it is even better feeling. Every bhajan in that places we begin with “Jaya Bhaktivinode” because our Acarya Bhaktivinode Thakur have said that he is personally joining every harinam when it is performed for the first time somewhere.

That honor to go to some country for the first time and have harinam have mostly had disciples of Srila Prabhupada long time ago, and today that honor is not so easy to get because there are not so many states where harinama was never performed. But for that we need your blessings and prayers. We already got the permission from the city government, but many people and devotees have warned us to be careful because Montenegrian Orthodox Church is even more outrageous than Serbian, and that people can be really heavy. Some devotees that have distributed books there have told us that they have never seen such heavy people. Nrsimhadev is with us, but we are pleading on you to pray for our protection because every time when ice is crushed and the covering of maya is pierced many things can happen.

Also, last year we sang for the first time in Herzegovina (which is officially par with Bosnia) where there was no harinama before also. There also devotees have warned us to better not go because it will be heavy but it was ok. We performed at C(apljina and C(itiluk, and harinams were pretty short since the police was giving us trouble. Interesting, this year we have got permission to perform at capital city of Herzegovina-Mostar, Saturday (22.08) evening.

By the way, Mostar is famous by constant escalation of conflict between Croatian Catholics and Bosnian Muslims, and that city is divided in two strict parts. On this occasion please give us your blessings also since this is Saturday evening, the day when people like to drink a little. We generally don’t have any problems with people because by playing, dancing, singing and presenting the rich culture of India people respond really nice especially this year.

But some crazy guy can show up, who thinks that we are part of some sect and that we want to get something from somebody. So you please do pray for us and we’ll speak to you soon about news. On our webpage you can see all the news because when we find time we put new info’s on. Tonight we are at Bol on stage, for sure it will be ecstasy – Bol is by the way one of the most famous touristic spots in Croatia. Speak to you soon and all the best.


Ys from Sri Sri Nitay Gauracandra mandir Karlovac, Croatia

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