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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Harinama and book distribution in Mayapur (Album of…

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 / Published in Recent Media / 297 views

Harinama and book distribution in Mayapur (Album of photos)
Srila Prabhupada: A devotee always thinks of the Lord continuously. While chanting the Hare Krishna mantra, the words Krishna and Hare immediately remind him of all the Lord’s activities. Since his entire life is engaged n the service of the Lord, a devotee cannot forget the Lord at any time. (Srimad-Bhagavatam, 5.1.6 Purport)
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Ratha-yatra Rijeka, Croatia 2019 (Album of photos)
New ‘Krishna - Your Eternal Friend’ album
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