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Understanding? Impossible! It’s a quantum leap of aeons!

Monday, 24 August 2009 / Published in Blog thoughts / 2,917 views

My dear Senthil Prabhu, Dandavats.

On the topic of not disturbing Gauranga’s Radha-bhava mood, you rightly wondered:- “Regarding your message to the GBC secretariat and others (this refers to my email of 6th April 2002 to HG Adipurusa das, ISKCON Temple President of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai Temple in Telok Intan, Malaysia, copied to all), I wonder if the ‘advanced devotees’ can understand the philosophy of Mahaprabhu’s mood.”

Here are some distasteful FACTS that are unpalatable only to those who THINK they are ‘devotees’, or worse, ‘advanced devotees’. Most of us, especially in the more than 99.99 percent Kali-infested Hare Krsna movement, are only PRETENDING to be devotees. Quoting sastra and acaryas, Srila Gurudev warns, “If you even THINK you are a devotee, you are definitely NOT!!” Very Grave are the consequences.

So, is it any wonder that ALL OUR ISKCON PROBLEMS (too numerous to enumerate here) are due to this stupid belief that we are DEVOTEES, or ADVANCED DEVOTEES?

Regarding Mahaprabhu’s vipralambha mood being disturbed UNINTENTIONALLY by people of INNOCENT IGNORANCE AND SENTIMENTAL FEELINGS, I quoted Srila Gurudeva, Srila Prabhupada and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura. With total FAITH in them, accepting their FULLY REALIZED words, I only have the small ability and deep faith to ACCEPT their advice as CORRECT.

The problem is that most of us have so-called intelligent but actually MUDDLED ideas about the ascending terms: [1] ACCEPT, [2] KNOW, [3] UNDERSTAND, [4] EXPERIENCE, [5] REALIZE, [6] TASTE, [7]TRUTH, [8] ABSOLUTE TRUTH, and so on, to higher and higher levels. Each step leads to the next, but the gaps between the steps are EXCEPTIONALLY WIDE AND INSURMOUNTABLE for most of us.

The fact is, if we are HONEST with ourselves, MOST of us are NOT ready to even ACCEPT… (the very first step!)… all that we hear from sastra and acaryas, except whatever is easy or palatable. We are guilty of “picking and choosing”! This first step of ACCEPTANCE can only start with SRADDHA or FAITH, total and unquestioning.

Step2, to KNOW, is even more difficult. Only TOTAL FAITH can achieve this, starting with superficial knowledge, and slowly advancing to deeper knowledge with deeper faith. With HUMILITY we’ll be able to acknowledge that 1st to 2nd step is TOO BIG A LEAP FORWARD FOR MOST OF US, so what to speak of the remaining numerous steps?…

Step 3, to UNDERSTAND, is not at all possible by almost anyone. (Your question touched on THIS word, right?) Srila Gurudeva often emphasizes this point more or less thus:-
“Aare baba, WHAT can you UNDERSTAND? NOTHING! You are all fallen souls, nitya baddhas, mlecchas, yavanas, mudhas. You CANNOT UNDERSTAND. First ACCEPT…with total FAITH. Then, only with Guru’s mercy, you can slowly begin to UNDERSTAND. NOT OTHERWISE, NO, NOT OTHERWISE!”

So you can see what a HUGE STEP, A QUANTUM LEAP, it is to advance from Step 2 to Step 3, ESPECIALLY when people in general within and without ISKCON are plain reluctant to take even the FIRST step of simple ACCEPTANCE!! Yet our very own life-giving, life sustaining ISKCON is, alas, full of nonsense people who only choose to ‘ACCEPT’, ‘KNOW’ and ‘UNDERSTAND’ whatever their minds dictate, without any UNIFORMITY or CONFORMITY even among themselves! They trap themselves in whatever they PREFER, according to the dictates of their own whims and fancies, trapped in mahamaya’s mystical myths and meaningless mental meanderings, NOT mindful of mahajanas’ messages and Mahaprabhu’s moods, magnanimity, munificence and mercies…mmmmmm? Think about it….

We don’t want to accept the first step, which is to ACCEPT the statements of FULLY REALIZED acaryas who KNOW sastra to the hilt.

So naturally we cannot know Step 2 which is to KNOW what they say, as we have proudly, foolishly, put it out of our reach.

Then how can anyone ever understand the 3rd Step which is to UNDERSTAND their words? Even stupid, so-called ‘advanced devotees’, ‘senior devotees’ etc, who even call themselves “VAISNAVAS” (!!), holding big, big posts, molly-coddled by equally dull-headed goons misguided into believing they are also great ‘devotees’, all the way up the slippery ladder to the mobsters desecrating our dearest Srila Prabhupada’s otherwise pristine GBC and beyond, think they KNOW, and even UNDERSTAND anything and everything!! They DON’T! Hence, all the nasty problems in ISKCON, for, un-reined thinking is the activity of the wicked mind.

The next progressive Steps 4, 5, 6, etc, are not within our scope of contemplation even. Without Sad-Guru’s and Gauranga’s merciful intervention, NONE of these SUPER-TRANSCENDENTAL STEPS is within our grasp for aeons of light-years to come!

One other response I received orally says that the problem raised by me will sound VERY PETTY to most people. Yes, we cannot dispute it. It sounds like a small matter to most of us. But mahajanas are telling us it IS a GRAVE matter. Our dearest Gurudeva is telling us the same thing with all seriousness. So is it a small matter to be ignored? Certainly not! Will our silence be of benefit to ourselves and to others? Should we be afraid to speak about such eye-openers though they may seem petty to most of us, if it can benefit all?…or some?…or even ONE? Should we side-line Srila Prabhupada’s definition of TRUTH, SATYAM, which he says must be spoken, even if unpalatable, “for the benefit of others” as emphasized by him thrice in BG 10.4-5?
No. no. no. Silence means complicity. It also means cowardice.

Granted, I’m petty and I KNOW nothing. That does not mean I cannot ACCEPT Srila Gurudeva’s profound words and repeat them. Then, even if no one cares, I can only blame myself because I don’t have the potency to have even my parrot-fashion repetitions of great acaryas’ words heard, accepted, etc, by my listeners or readers, especially when they think they already know better.
But…this is a BIG BUT…, and an even bigger IF….yes, IF, miraculously, even a SINGLE person…it may even be an incorrigible sudra like me myself…benefits, it’s OK, don’t you agree?

The only danger to our own selves is to think that, in spite of the gravity of our Pranadhana Gurudeva’s words, the topic is too petty for us to concern ourselves with, or to repeat to others. Both minimize him. That’s FATAL. It is GURU-NINDA, VAISNAVA-APARADHA.. Knowing this, it is not my business to even think of success or failure before I do what is needful. The result is entirely upto Guru and Gauranga, and belongs only to Them.

So Senthil Prabhu, it is futile to wonder if “advanced devotees” can UNDERSTAND the philosophy of Mahaprabhu’s mood. It’s just a matter of different lengths of time. All WILL UNDERSTAND in the end…even if it takes countless lifetimes. After all, 100,000 years of our earthly time is only ONE SECOND of Lord Brahma’s time! Have we no patience to pass many tens or hundreds of Brahma’s mere seconds before we can UNDERSTAND TATTVA VICAR and then qualify to start real devotional service?

Begging forgiveness for any offences committed in this topic that I’m neither qualified nor authorized to delve into,

G S Senan

One Response to “Understanding? Impossible! It’s a quantum leap of aeons!”

  1. pustakrishna says :

    manmana bhava mad bhakto…your sentiments are ill-founded. It is not a question of false pratishta, to which you are alluding. Rather, Krishna tells us, “think of Me and become my devotee.” It is not a problem of ISKCON. That is the VIRTUE of ISKCON. ISKCON has given millions upon millions of jiva-souls an opportunity and connection with Krishna. Please do not mistake mis-guided efforts at acquiring mundane standing or pratishta to be what Krishna is speaking of. It is OK to feel oneself to be a bhakta, in fact, it is reality. Bhakta means maintained (by Krishna). To feel anything other is an illusion only, false independence. The question of advanced or neophyte is not a big issue. We know that Mahaprabhu has expressed Himself that ‘how could I remain here if I had any love for Krishna’. But, that is sentiment, feeling of union in separation, lalasmayi. It does not imply that Mahaprabhu has no love for Krishna! These things have to be understood by “bhaktas”, and so you and I need to have their association in order to arrive at the correct understanding. If one takes Mahaprabhu literally, ie if I had any love, etc. to mean that He has no love for Krishna, then you are lost.

    The trouble with ISKCON is not the trouble. We live in the illusory environment and so we expect to see aberrations of anything and everything…But, do not throw out the baby with the bath water. I have a suggestion, if I may offer: be a little easy on others, and always try to work on oneself. When we try to find too much fault with vaishnava-efforts (whether neophyte or whatever), then we sometimes are simply looking for a way to avoid the association of devotees, being too suspicious, leading to suspension of one’s own devotional service. So long as one simply tries to express what is transmitted via our parampara, that is a safe and wonderful position, for then we become servants of our guru-vaishnava line.

    In fairness to your article, however, your cautioning one and all to avoid the pitfall of pratishtha is well taken. Not to go overboard to the point of suspending one’s own association with good-hearted bhaktas.

    Humbly submitted,

    Pusta Krishna das

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