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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

The Radha Krsna Temple Tapes

Sunday, 14 July 2019 / Published in Announcements / 776 views

By Yugala Kishor Gour das

Next to my research on the Jaladuta, still ongoing, and the Missing Mohan Tapes, no response, I find myself suddenly involved in another Iskcon piece of heritage. The Radha Krsna Temple Tapes.

These original tapes are basically the master tapes of this historic album, that was produced by George Harrison and engineered by Ken Scott. It released two hit singles The Hare Krsna Mantra and Govinda.

History tells us that the album recordings took place in the famous EMI Studios at Abbey Road and Trident House Studios at Annes Court in July 1969 and January – March 1970. with the first single released in the second half of 1969 and Govinda hitting the charts in early 1970.

The album itself was released in the USA on 21st May 1971 and 28th May of that year in Europe. These master tapes, reel 1 & 2, are dated 3rd February 1971. Interesting fact is that Reel 1 has a note written on it stating, ‘Title changed to Goddess of Fortune’ BBT 101A and Reel 2 says BBT 101B. This was the moment the tapes were prepared for the BBT release of the original album. It is not clear to me when that release date was, as the internet gives multiple years and dates.

Does anyone know the BBT release date of this album?

I have contacted Trident House for information, but it has changed owners and purpose in 1984 and with that the loss of all their archive before the transition date.

Abbey Road Studios have not replied yet.

If anybody can provide more information on this subject, then please contact me on

I will be most appreciated to, with your assistance, complete this piece of Iskcon’s history.

My thanks goes to Janaki mataji ACBSP for engaging me in this service and trusting me with those valuable tapes.

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One Response to “The Radha Krsna Temple Tapes”

  1. SitaTdd says :

    Late 1970s.
    Definitely before 1981 – our son Govinda was born then, and we used to play the tape for him to go to sleep.
    We still have the original cassette – no date on the label. Only a code BBTK101.
    Good luck in finding out more.