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Bhaktivedanta College’s Students Get a Foothold on the Year to Come: Orientation Week

Saturday, 26 September 2009 / Published in Announcements / 2,598 views

By Dina Dayala das SNS (Bhaktivedanta College – BE)

The eighth class of first-year students was warmly greeted during Orientation Week. The students, from all parts of the world, were welcomed to their new home for the next nine months. The older students reunited with schoolmates as the first-year students met their new ones. Introductions, bhajans, and prasada were highlights of the week, as was a self-development aspect of the college: the Introspection Course, held by Anuradha Dasi, a visiting lecturer from Oxford.

“The group exercises and the lifelines we constructed of what it took
to get us to Radhadesh,” said Tivra Bhakti Dasi, a first-year student
from Finland, were her “favorite parts.”

The Orientation Week also introduced the students to the Radhadesh community and provided instructions on skills they will need for their courses. First-year students received from Jaya Bhadra, their English counselor, tips, advice, and a lesson on grammar and usage. The older students head straight back into their course study.

Everyone could agree that the college is a crucial addition to their lives, and they were excited to pursue the coming school year.

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