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UCF, orlando, students learning to make Kachoris

Tuesday, 29 September 2009 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 3,184 views

Kishore Krsna Das: Fifteen students showed up for the fourth session of cooking seminar held weekly at ISKCON orlando in the presence of Srila Prabhupada and H.H. Trivikram Swami. H.H. Trivikram Swami who is the organiser of this class, spends at least three days a week on campus signing up students for the cooking class trying to encourage students to take up Krsna consciousness. In the Fourth week of the cooking class we decided to show them how to make Kachoris. Students were amazed to see the Kachoris being cooked. They took turns to fill the Kachoris and cook them. One of the students asked the origin of the Kachoris and I shared how Srila Prabhupada was our inspiration to make Kachoris. How Kachoris was his favourite Prasadam. After the cooking session all the students joined in the kirtan and they relished Prasadam after. So far we have three students, Toya, Paul and carolyn who regularly attend the lectures and are showing a lot of interest in Krsna consciousness. I am enclosing the recipe for Kachoris for the pleasure of all vaishnavas. If anyone has any questions or would like to support this nice preaching program in anyway, they can email me at

by Kishore Krsna Das, ISKCON orlando.



Ingredients for crust:

* 1 cup All Purpose flour (plain flour or maida)
* 1/4 teaspoon salt
* 2 tablespoons oil
* 1/2 cup-1 tablespoon chilled water

Ingredients for filling:

* 1/4 cup yellow moong dal
* 1/4 teaspoon ginger powder or grated ginger
* 1/2 teaspoon mango powder (amchoor) optional
* Pinch of asafetida (hing)
* 1/2 teaspoon salt (adjust to your taste)
* 1 tablespoon oil
* 2 tablespoons water
* Oil to deep fry

To make crust:

1. Mix the flour, salt and oil.
2. Add the chilled water slowly, mixing with your fingers as you pour.
3. Do not knead the dough. The dough should be soft.
4. Cover the dough and let it sit for at least fifteen minutes.

To make filling:

1. Grind the moong dal dry until it almost becomes a powder.
2. Mix 1 tablespoon of oil and dal powder in a frying pan and roast on medium heat for about two to three minutes or dal changes color lightly, stirring constantly.
3. Turn off the heat. Add all the spices and mix it well and let the mixture cool off.
4. Add two tablespoons of warm water and mix it well.
5. Let it sit for ten minutes and c over with demp cloth.

To make the Kachoris:

1. Take the dough and knead it for a few minutes.
2. Divide the dough in twelve equal parts.
3. Take one part of the dough and with your fingers flatten the edges and make into 3-inch circle. Leaving center little thicker then edges around.
4. Mold the dough into a cup and place 1 teaspoon of filling in the center. Pull the edges of the dough to wrap the dal filling. Repeat with the rest.
5. Let the filled ball sit for 3 to 4 minutes before rolling.
6. Set the kachoris on a surface with the seams facing up. Using the base of your palm, slowly flatten them into about 3 inch circle.
7. Heat about 1 1/2 inche of oil in a frying pan on medium heat. To check if oil is ready put a little piece of dough in the oil, it=2 0should sizzle and come up slow.
8. Fry them on medium-low heat. After they start to puff, slowly turn them over.
9. Fry until golden-brown on both sides. If the kachoris are fried on high heat, they will be soft and will not be crispy.


1. Don’t roll the kachoris with a rolling pin. Rolling pins will cause the kachoris to have small holes in the dough, allowing oil to fill the kachoris.
2. Also, when using a rolling pin, the kachoris are uneven and when frying one side will be thicker than the ot her.

Instead of using moong dal, you can use washed urad dal or chana dal or mashed potatoes. The rest of the recipe stays the same.
Serving suggestions:
Kachoris can be served plain, with a variety of sauces, ketchup

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