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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

U-PREACH TV: New powerful online free service for Iskcon preachers by! Updated

Tuesday, 03 November 2009 / Published in Citraka dasa, News, Technical goodies / 9,164 views
All In One Place

A powerful feature enabling all Iskcon preachers to broadcast their preaching engagement is now available on the website

By Citraka dasa

Many of you may be aware that in the website there are already two channels broadcasting on 24/7 basis. One is the feed coming from the Sridhama Mayapur’s continuous transcendental stream of local vibrations and images and the other one is from a playlist of thousands prerecorded videos depicting Iskcon’s life – playlist that switches automatically to scheduled live broadcasts when these go online like the crystal clear Los Angeles temple’s broadcast, London’s temple ones and others.

But now the unprecedented utility of a third channel has been added on the site enabling ALL Iskcon preachers to broadcast their programs and extend their association towards their congregational members and to an ever increasing world wide audience in a simple and free way!

This service is meant to fullfill two needs: the need of those vaishnavas who find themselves geografically unable to reach Iskcon temples regularly and desire to have always available – in one place – opportunity for live sadhu-sanga and the need of spiritual leaders, gurus, travelling or local preachers for a simple venue meant for extending their association in an audio-visual way.

Wherever in the world one is, whatever time of the day or night it is, one can simply visit the site and check if there are live broadcasts of some other vaishnava, temple, congregation group and join in! Or, vice-versa, wherever his preaching engagements carry an international preacher to, with a simple computer connected to internet and a webcam he can come to the site and start broadcasting his class for the benefit of all – either for his followers that can have been given notice in advance for the online event and come timely or any other soul that happens to be that moment on the site!


This new channel can be accessed by the U-PREACH TV link of the website. Clicking the link:

will open the control panel on the right bar that will reveal the option either to watch a live event or initiate a broadcast.

When you push the “CLICK HERE TO VIEW BROADCASTS” button you will see in the white field below all the live streams online at that moment and by clicking in any of them you will start watching them on the player on the left.

For those devotees instead that would like to initiate their own broadcast all they have to do is click on the”MAKE A BROADCAST” button which will reveal the broadcasting panel after you type name and password (supplied by submiting a request to )

By clicking the eyball icon will enable your webcam and by clicking on the loudspeaker icon will enable your microphone. Once enabled click on the “PLAY ONLY” button and you should be able to see your stream on the player live – and not only you but the whole world :-)
Regarding the “PLAY AND RECORD” button is a feature that will be available soon. Your video will be recorded and the file will be uploaded in a pubblic service like, vimeo etc.

Please note that you will not hear your voice as to avoid the echo effect but you will see the sound indicator to make sure your sound is working.
Also there is the chat via text available that enables you to interact with your pubblic.

So dear devotees if either you are seeking to have live association with other devotees from Srila Prabhupada’s family, any time and wherever you are simply come to website and will always be a variety of Krishna conscious streams available, ALL IN ONE PLACE!!

Or if you want to put your temple’s program or your congregation’s online you can now use this simple and free facility, no ads, and with the best option to have a large interested audience attending!!


Free new software from Iskcon Mayapur lets Temples worldwide develop online congregations

With the expansion of broadband internet and the availability of broadcast streaming services over the last few years, many ISKCON preachers and temples have begun to use the internet to extend their association.

Free services like and others are now regularly used to host live broadcasts of ISKCON temple programs and preaching engagements targeted towards larger internet audiences. Also many temples have established 24/7 webcasting of their temple activities through live streaming video and audio. This development has been proved very useful for the many vaishnavas that do not have the good fortune of being ashrama residents.

But the devotees responsible for have gone a step further and developed an online streaming service that offers concrete advantages for ISKCON temples and preachers who want to cultivate, strengthen and increase their congregation in an effective way.

This service is FREE and available now online to all Iskcon devotees! You only need a computer with a broadband internet connection.

In this facility each country, each temple have their own “channel” and the local administrators have complete control of the participants and of when and what is shown there. There is live public interaction amongst the members through text, audio and video. Each devotee can activate and show his webcam to others, however only the admin defines what is shown in the main window – watched by all – which can be the temple program or an invited speaker who gives the class from his home through his webcam.

This tool is aimed specifically for the members of a local temple congregation – not as an “open to all” broadcast aimed towards an impersonal, unknown audience. Those that come to watch have to login, with their login info provided by the admin of the channel. It thus offers a personal and interactive participation online in the local morning programs in a way that tangible results can be achieved and measured.

These programs have been going on for some time now in some countries like UK, and the results have shown clear benefits for all concerned:

1) The members of the congregation are encouraged to wake up early and chant their rounds, watch mangal arotika, gurupuja, have Deity darshan and listen to the class but with no time restriction of any kind – one logs in and logs out according to his/her convenience. The program operates generally from 4:30 am to 8:30am.

2) The members of the congregation develop closer relations with the devotees of the temple and amongst themselves.

3) The members of the congregation feeling grateful for this service aimed specifically towards them they reciprocate with offering services and economic support for their temples.

4) Some older devotees that do not live close to the temple are encouraged to give classes from their homes and thus preach more.

5) The temple devotees feel more enthused in their temple functions knowing that their association is been extended towards the congregation through the net with sometimes double the devotees in the temple participating from home.

6) The temple authorities are inclined to start and maintain the streaming service as they see tangible results coming in from their congregational members in the form of spiritual improvement, better relations, more service and financial support.

7) Many gurus, leaders, preachers, that for health or other reasons find it difficult to travel, can still have interactive contact with their followers from their home-base.

8) The use of this tool is simple, does not require complicated arrangements, all the technical part is being taken care of already.

So How Does It Work?

Here are some screenshots of the setup and functions of this tool:

First you write to to get a username and password.
In your letter you specify in which country – temple or city you are located.
If there is already a Nama-Hatta feed from your local area you will be assigned to that broadcast otherwise you will be assigned temporarily to an other – near to you – temple’s program.
Please write to the same email address if you are an Iskcon temple or congregation leader and interested to be the organizer and administrator for your country – city’s congregation and begin your own channel.

You point your browser to: click on login and login with the information provided to you.
Here is what you will see in the login page:

Depending if you are a simple member or admin of a channel you will see different panels.

Here is what a simple member will see if he logs in for example in the UK channel:

The left bar shows all the devotees present, in the middle top is the speaker lecturing, below is the public chat via text. Underneath the left bar of the “Devotees Online”, if one has a webcam, is sufficient to push the eyeball icon in order to activate it as also the speaker icon to activate his microphone.
For example here it is how it looks when the webcam and mike of the user citraka is activated:

Now if some of the other participants wanted to see the webcam of that user all he has to do is click on his name in the list and this user’s webcam would show on the right bar but ONLY to him (the one who clicked the name):

Now if the admin of the channel wished he could activate the webcam of that user to be shown in the main screen for ALL participants:

Or, as admin I could choose to show to those in my channel an other feed from the streams live at that moment, using this panel of control visible only to the admin:

and I could determine the main window to be for example the stream from Mayapur:

So this way the administrator of a channel has complete control of what his congregation is watching, he can interact with each member as also he can assign several levels to each of them.

Here is the control panel for the administrators, using which they can add or delete users and assign them different levels like:
Normal, Allowed to use private chat, Allowed to give class, Local Admin, Regional Admin etc.

There are other options that the administrator manages, like choosing to follow an other Nama Hatta group and therefore watch what they are watching etc.

However for the simple members the whole function is quite simple, all he has to do is to login and start watching, that’s all!

This software is under constant development, improvements and new features are added every day, with the goal to be made more and more user friendly and useful.

Now this service is available to all the devotees by the ISKCON Mayapur’s technical team as a tool to facilitate the cultivation of your congregational development and the preaching mission of Srila Prabhupada.

Contact info:

You can see recorded programs from classes in Uk by sannyasis and older devotees using this tool here:

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