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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

KIRTAN FEST 2019 at ISKCON of Houston

Tuesday, 10 September 2019 / Published in Recent Media / 560 views

KIRTAN FEST 2019 at ISKCON of Houston.
Labor Day Weekend— Sat, Aug 31st through Mon, Sept 2nd

The 3rd Annual Kirtan Fest at ISKCON of Houston was attended by over 350 devotees who traveled from across the USA and beyond. Each year the festival brings more kirtaniyas and more devotees are taking advantage. This year’s event was led by a mix of young and senior devotees including HH Bhakti Sundar Goswami, HH Rtadhvaja Swami, HG Havi Dasa, HG Sri Prahlad Dasa, HG Param Dasa & HG Gaura Mani Devi Dasi, HG Namarasa Dasa & HG Tulasi Priti Devi Dasi, HG Amala Harinam Dasa & HG Nadia Bihari Devi Dasi, HG Krishna Kishore Dasa, HG Balaram Tirtha Dasa & HG Dhanya Devi Dasi, HG Krishna Prasad Dasa and more. In addition, two second-generation budding singers, Mayuri Mahajan and Revati Buchwald created enthusiasm among devotees by their heart touching kirtans. At the welcome address, HG Nityananda Dasa (GBC Secretary for Texas) encouraged all attendees to participate in Kirtan Fest every year and thanked the local committee for organizing the event.

The festival succeeded in attracting the attention of the Houston Chronicle newspaper. A reporter attended the special event on Saturday and provided a great recap in their main section last weekend. The link to the article:

On Monday, the temple participated in the annual Free Day of Yoga, which offers an introductory yoga class to newcomers. The hatha yoga session was followed by kirtan and a short talk on bhakti-yoga by HG Havi Dasa.

At the end of the festival, ISKCON of Houston’s President, HG Syamasundar Dasa, requested a commitment from all singers and special guests to keep coming back to Kirtan Fest every Labor Day weekend until the temple hall that can accommodate 1500 devotees is filled.

The Kirtan Fest Committee adds “We are always striving to improve and give the best experience to all the attendees”. The committee sent feedback forms to all attendees in order to improve their offering for Kirtan Fest 2020. The committee, formed of young devotees from the local community, is enthusiastic to make Kirtan Fest 2020 bigger and better. We invite you to attend next year!

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