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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Videos from the Krishna Spectacular event in London

Tuesday, 26 November 2019 / Published in Recent Media / 596 views

Videos from the Krishna Spectacular event in London.
The Samadhi Dance Company did a wonderful rendition of Srila Prabhupada’s journey to the West. Jahnavi Harrison sang from the depths of her soul backed with an excellent band of classical musicians. The founding disciples of Srila Prabhupada’s Movement in the UK spoke including Sriman Syamasundara prabhu. Jayadev prabhu led the entire audience in a unique and ecstatic counterpoint kirtan. And the journey of a Jiva from birth, through struggles with the 3 modes of material nature to Krishna and Maya’s thankless service was portrayed in an amazing multimedia presentation of classical dancers, acrobats, aerial performers and martial artists and singers too dazzlingly to explain in words. In all it was simply SPECTACULAR.
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“Encourage them more and more.”
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