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Celebrating Finland’s independence day (Album of photos)

Saturday, 07 December 2019 / Published in Recent Media / 452 views

Celebrating Finland’s independence day (Album of photos)
Mangalavati Citra Devi Dasi: Today we (my fiancé Tattvavada Prabhu and myself) celebrated the Finish independence day in Domkyrkan in Helsinki. We were invited amongst the VIPs. It’s a very beautiful church which was constructed 1824-1852. We even found some Vedic symbols decorated in the ceiling like the sun and swastica. The construction itself is in the shape of a yantra, according to the Vastu principles. The Finish government was today present as well as the President himself and the ceremony was lead by the Archbishop. The preaching was very nice in line with the Vedic principles like whoever is at the top, is actually the servant of those bellow. Some quite straightforward points as well: that the rich and successful man while he’s sitting in his comfortable home, he should never forget God and should always remember Him. At the end the prayer was for blessings and protection of the leaders of the country.
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