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Historical camp of ISKCON in Haridwar

Saturday, 06 February 2010 / Published in Announcements / 5,163 views

By Srestha das

We would like to invite all the devotees to participate the Kumbhamela and the 500th Years Celebration of the Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s Sanyas.

This is first time in the History we are getting this much big piece of land in Haridwar. ISKCON have 3.5 acres of land in Prime location for camp.

Enjoying the 40 wooden cabins, the 1000 devotees capacity Steel hanging Pandal, the exibitions, 60 feet Chaitanya Mahaprbhu’s Murti, dioramos, Harinam Bullock cart and Installed Nitai gaursunder Deity, the 2000 people feeding capacity Prasadam hall, Jagannath Temple, Books and other stalls, Preaching booths, famous artist’s cultural program, the huge harinam every day, ganga snan, Chatanya lila Pravachan, Bhagavat Pravachan, and the hundreds of ISKCON devotees associations are the benifits of your visit to the campb in Haridwar. Also like Prabhupad said it is the best time to get association of the other Vaishnava sadhu’s at the Kumbhmela.

Our ISKCON camp will be officially inaugurated by the Chief Minister on 12th Feb, 2010 on Shivaratry day by lighting the lamp in front of the 60 feet CM Murthi along with a big havan.

When i went to invite the CM for the function he told me that I read the Chaitanya Chartamrit and I like the ISKCON Sankirtan, so I want to be there.

The following groups of devotees are confirmed booking to take part in the Kumbh Mela sofar: From Radha Gopinath Temple- 400 devotees along with Radha Nath Swami From Belgam Temple – 50 devotees From Thirupati Temple- 30 devotees From Ujjain 40 devotees along with Bhakticharu Swami-took responsibilty of Book Distribution From Nellur 100 devotees along with Sukhdev Maharaj From Bombay- 20 devotees From BI – 2 buses From Ahemedabad 43 devotees along with Jasomatinandan das From Jaipur- 50 devotees for Kirtan From Poona – 70 devotees( took the responsibilty of serving all the above devotees and the camp Preaching From Delhi and all over North Inda- 200 DEVOTEES along with gopal Krishna Maharaj took the responsibilty of the Book distribution.

This time our camp will be fully concentrated on maximum book distribution and a great amount of preaching, and to please chaitanya Mahaprabhu a huge harinams every day.

The Kumbh working Commitee want to really thank following our leaders of our Srila Prabhupad family to make this programm to start in a grant way by supporting financially or by giving the manpower or by all means of spirit: His Holiness Gopal Krishna Goswami- GBC of the Kumbha Zone His Grace Brajahari Das- RGB chairman, the 100% sincerely dedicated. HH Bhakti Charu Swami- GBC- full co operation for preaching HH Radhanath Swamy- GBC-a good inspiration to us for all His Grace Radheshyam das- TP Poona-Pure humble soul His Grace Revatiraman das- good mentour HisGrace Bhima das-BBT trustee- the man of source for books on time and a motivator Mukunda Madhav Das- National Khumbh Fundraisng advisor and graeat supporter Sura das-TP mumbaiK, in charge of all the Cultural Program for the Camp Devakinandan das- ZS, a good back born for us Bhakti vinod das- a good co ordinator for all and lecture arrangements. VrajaBhakti Vilas das-Chairman NIDC- good host and supporter, funds help His Holiness Loknatha swamy-Our official Mahant-Real sadhu for all Kumbh actions&wrote a new book on Kumbh to Please SP, much more Pancharatna das, TP Jaipur- manpower and helps Sidhartha das-TP Raipr- FFL supporter Mohanrupa Das- TP Delhi, Book Distribution acarya Varaha das- TP Punjabibaug- volunteer for major prep and printing. Jasomatinandan das- ZS gujarat- finance and all advise Deenabandhu das- Vrindavan- a great amount of inspiration to all We have so many other SP’s army and leaders also helping us which we are mising now, But after the Kubhamela is over on April 30th we will have a wonderful apreaciation feast at Haridwar camp on 1st week of May and one in Kanpur ISKCON temple.

Following are the team we have on the Job for this Project for your information to serve you: Central communication for: For Gents- Rasapriya das: 0989991900 For ladies-Radhika kripa dasi :09999171800

For Accommodations confirmations -Sastra das=09654879272 Shobana = 9997633306

For Nation wide contributions and donations-Parijat dasi = 09870832339,
022 26206860 Xtn. 197

For Devotee care: Rajasuya Das(Juhu)-9987786432 For VIP devotees care:-Mahmantra Das(poona) and Srikeshava das(poona) For VIP dignitaries welcome and care Mahamantra das(delhi) For the Stalls and on camp preaching: Ajit Krishna das(poona) For PR and Media- Vrajendranandan das For Book distribution : Mohanrupa das& Ganganarayan das For Camp Fascility care- Raghav pandit and team For FFL seva: Balbadra das: For Devotee Prasadam: Rajasuya das(TP-Ludhiyana) and Vanamali das(RNS) For transporatations and travel arrangements- Murali Krishna das Harinam and temple program: Radharaman Swami and Prahlad das: Snan Arrangements: Janakinath das Temple’s group managements Srestha das and Bhaktivinod das.

Any legal, Visa, police, Fire, Special Pass, and other complaints and seva call : Srestha das 9897035306 and 9415907820 or email

The central comm. team will connect you or direct you for all the above dept and will provide you the Phone Numbers:

We are sorry to announce that all the devotee who wants to stay in the Iskcon Kump Camp located in H secor of gauri sankar, under the Chandi Pool(the long Bridge) has to go thru a screening process of the camp authority of 3 devotees team and this camp authority have the right to keep you inside or not; to maintain a pure standard inside the Camp property. Also due to so many other reasons we will issue a ID card Pass to all the visiting and resident devotees after the screening form is approved. This pass will allow you to enter the Camp and take Prasadam. Also we are not entertainig any devotee who is not attending the full morning sadana Program every day. Following 4 regulative principles will be always monitored inside the camp by camera and CCTV along with a strong Security Staff to protect our inside good devotees.

We also do not allow any stalls from out side sources or from any groups. We are only dedicated this camp to please Srila Prabhupad and to send the message of CM to the world in a very pure way.

On 28, 29, 30, 31st we are not taking any more new booking for Devotees or for the Life members and doners.

Yours in the humble service of Haridwar Kumbhmela


Srestha das

One Response to “Historical camp of ISKCON in Haridwar”

  1. Jagattarini dasi says :

    Sresta Prabhu
    Please accept my obeisances.

    When reading your Kumbhamela report I was somewhat disturbed by your reference to Srila Prabhupad by initials only. We use initials for abbreviations such as for the words “temple president” but I think that it is essential to show and define our respect to Srila Prabhupada by writing his full name. Likewise for Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu also.

    By posting any report on the internet we must be aware that it becomes available to the whole world and not only to a small group of devotees whom we may be friendly with! When people read about our activities it seems extremely important that they recognize that we are all simply Srila Prabhupada’s servants. Therefore to offer a high quality of respect to Srila Prabhupada is our responsibility, especially on a dedicated website.

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