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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Investing in our ISKCON Youth!

Monday, 13 January 2020 / Published in Recent Media / 553 views

By Praghosa das

In August 2009, at the tender age of 8, Jagannath moved to Sridham Mayapur with his Mum. He was admitted to Sri Mayapur International School, grade 2 class. His natural attraction to the holy Dham was instant!

Jagannath was an all-rounder from his childhood – he actively participated in all sports (cricket, football, basketball, volleyball & table tennis) as well as devotional activities such as playing mrdanga, harmonium, kartals and singing. He was also blessed academically.

In 2012 Jagannath and his Mum had to leave Mayapur to be with their family in South Africa. However he was unable to live away from Sri Dham Mayapur, so they moved back in 2013, where he continued his studies at the International School.

He completed his IGCSE levels in June 2017, with an A in Mathematics, Accounting, Physics, Computer Science and a C in English.

Jagannath completed his AS and A-Levels in 2019 with an A in Mathematics, a B in Accounting & Economics and a C in Computer Science.

One lovely advantage of living in the Dham and attending the Sri Mayapur International School is that he also had the wonderful opportunity to complete his Bhakti Shastri degree in 2019.

During this time, Jagannath’s Mum had various services in the Dham to make it possible for him to complete his academic years in Sridham Mayapur.

After spending almost 10 years in Sri Mayapur Dham, Jagannath would love to pursue a career in finance towards a CA with the intention of returning with His mum to serve in the Dham as soon as possible in the future.

The one complication for his Mum is that she has to now somehow find a way to finance Jagannath’s further education in South Africa. The cost of his education alone is approximately 50,000 Rand or almost £2700 GBP a year.

Naturally, Jagannath and his Mum would be deeply grateful for any donations they receive toward his further education.

Please kindly donate whatever you can through PayPal using this email address:

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