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Visit of West Bengal’s Chief Justice to Sridham Mayapur – pics

Saturday, 27 March 2010 / Published in Editorial, News, Praghosa Dasa / 6,848 views

By Praghosa dasa

On Sunday the 21st of March the new Chief Justice for West Bengal visited Sridham Mayapur. Mr Justice Mohit Shantilal Shah assumed his new role on Christmas day last so he is only in the role for 3 months but none the less was eager to visit ISKCON Mayapur. He arrived along with his wife around 11am and they left after lunch around 1.30pm.

The first port of call was Srila Prabhupada’s samadhi where he paid his respects to the murti of ISKCON’s founder acarya as well as taking the museum tour on the first floor depicting many dioramas of Prabhupada’s pastimes primarily after he left for the west in 1965.

After the Samadhi we made our way to the temple and along the way we showed Mr. Shah the site for the new temple (ToVP) he was most impressed when we informed him that the main dome of the temple would be more than twice the size and height of the existing dome of the samadhi. He also said he would be honoured to come back for the opening of the ToVP and hoped we would be able to keep to our projected opening date. As any future promotion would be to the supreme court of India I guess there is a good chance he will still be serving in West Bengal when we open the ToVP.

We entered the temple and first paid our respects to Srila Prabhupada, then the Panca Tattva, then Sri Sri Radha Madhava and then Lord Nrsimhadeva. Mr. Shah both paid his obeisances and made a donation at every altar he visited, in addition he was constantly taking pictures, which the devotees tell me is quite unusual for a visiting dignitary. Apparently they usually remain far more officious and don’t so much enter into to the spirit of things but not Mr. Shah, it was clear to everyone that he was really enjoying his visit.

Next we honoured prasadam together and both he and his wife commented on the very tasty and generous portions on offer and were wondering how they would excuse themselves from dinner later that evening!

After prasadam we presented our guests with some gifts before they were back in their car and off to their next engagement. As they were leaving they again mentioned about the opening of the ToVP and how they would be honoured to be present. From our end we welcome such sweet and friendly guests any time it is convenient for them to visit.

Praghosa dasa

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One Response to “Visit of West Bengal’s Chief Justice to Sridham Mayapur – pics”

  1. Hari Bol says :

    Well done His Excellency Chief Justice Prabhu! May Radha Madhava bless you at all times.Let us all chant for the honourable justice. Hari Haribol!