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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Gopalji drinks milk

Monday, 05 April 2010 / Published in Blog thoughts / 8,759 views

Shyamal Krishna: Hare Krishna

Lord Krishna is all merciful. To allow us to serve Him and get His divine mercy and devotion He appears as the Deity. Recently Lord Gopal exhibited a nice pastime which was very delighful for the devotees and sceptical for the non-believers.

I myself could not witness it (maybe I need more sukriti; devotees please bless me); but I talked with the people who witnessed it and was also able to have the darshan of Gopalji.

On 28th of March; the state of West Bengal and nearby; incidents started being reported that Lord Krishna is drinking milk through the Gopal Deity form. As the news spread, more and more local people started offering milk to their nearby Gopal deities; although the Lord was not directly drinking the milk everywhere. Lord was displaying His transcendental pastime at certain fortunate places.

I am fortunate that I was also in acquaintance with a devotee with whom Gopalji exhibited the pastime. Here at Kharagpur (Medinapur, West Bengal), we a group of students, have taken a place at TalBagicha, which is at some distance from the institute where we study, to practise spiritual life peacefully. The landlady there, is a very pious person. Her husband passed away some time ago. She is connected with a branch of Gaudiya Vaishnavas; and has been worshiping LadduGopal deity for the past 40 years.

One of the devotees with us, Arunabh prabhu; was passing by there, when suddenly a boy came to him and dragged him inside, saying “There is a very nice thing to show; come, come. How can you explain this using (material) science?”

As he went to the small but now crowded Deity room; he was amazed to see what was happening. Initially he thought it to be an ordinary procession; but when he, with his own eyes, saw Gopalji drinking milk, he was mesmerized.

He recounts “Mataji (the devotee landlady) was absorbed in full ecstasy continuously offering milk to the Lord, as I and others watched from behind. When I had arrived offering was being made with a spoon. After sometime the Gopalji was offered milk in small bowl; and when I saw the complete milk in the bowl slowly disappearing from Lord’s lotus lips then only I could completely believe that Krishna was exhibiting some uncommon pastime.”

Later when I met Mataji; she also expressed her heart felt joy on the incident. Speaking in Bengali, she said how she had sometimes heard of such pastimes of the Lord. But this time she was able to witness such a pastime by her own eyes. “Scores of people from the nearby locality came to be a part of this pastime. Although my Gopal is small (in deity size) then also He blessed us with His mercy.” she said.

The Lord exhibited this pastime for one whole day, so many could take get the opportunity to offer him milk.

On that day the event of Lord’s physically accepting milk was witnessed at several places in Bengal, including another place in Kharagpur.

May Lord continue to bless us and keep showing His divine pastimes, so that the people may once again turn to serve Him.

Following are photos (though not nice in quality) of the Deity alter of our Mataji.

Some videos are on Youtube showing the pastime of the Lord (place & people unknown to me; but begali talks can be heard in the background).

Your servant

-Shyamal Krishna

Undergraduate student

Dept. of Industrial Engg. and Management

IIT Kharagpur


West Bengal

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