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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Dear Sruti Prabhu…

Wednesday, 11 March 2020 / Published in In Memoriam / 1,712 views

Dear Sruti Prabhu,

My obeisances to you. Srila Prabhupada ki jai!

Your leaving us is a sad occasion, not least because of your kindness and smiling face that you greeted me with every single time we ever met. As those meetings were so many, it is quite extraordinary that regardless of whatever challenges you were facing, which were considerable given you were always front and center in making sure our Bhaktivedanta Manor temple, with all of its multiple projects and departments, was running smoothly and effectively, but never devoid of your personal touch.

For me you exemplify the perfect gentleman, the perfect vaisnava gentleman. In your company I never felt any anxiety only love, kindness and support, you really were a living example of a true ever well-wisher. I do not think I was unique, or that you necessarily gave me any special attention or mercy, so I am sure whoever reads this will be able to relate to the words I’m writing. That said I always felt your sweetness and attentiveness to this fallen soul was exclusive to me, a testament to another one of your many wonderful personal qualities.

I cannot think of anyone who embodies more of the twenty-six qualities of a vaisnava than your good self, and not just more of them, but also you possess those qualities in such great abundance. Who can argue that you are kind to everyone, you do not quarrel with anyone, you are charitable, mild, clean, simple, benevolent, peaceful, meek, steady, self-controlled, sane, respectful, humble, grave, compassionate, friendly and most certainly — expert. You really are a giant among devotees.

I am so, so fortunate to have had so much of your association. That now comes with a little bit of a bittersweet experience, as I will now be denied your association for some time but I am eagerly looking forward to meeting you again in the not so distant future. That, of course, is me being selfish as I so much want to again experience your warm and reassuring embrace.

Thank you for everything dear friend and I am secure in the knowledge that all is well with you wherever you are, under the shelter and protection of His Divine Grace

Your servant and friend

Praghosa dasa

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