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Shot in the Dark!

Thursday, 29 April 2010 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 1,817 views

Parasuram das: This is a shot in the dark, but maybe somebody out there is in a position to help. I need sponsorship of 40,000 books that will be distributed on Vraj Mandala parikrama this year in November. The books are distributed from a bullock cart, free with one banana (prasad) to the vrajabasis in the villages of Vraj (Vrindavan). This is our 24th Vraj mandala parikrama so by this stage people are very familiar with our bullock cart. We get up to 1,500 people attending our evening programs consisting of Hari nama and film show. The Vrajabasis love books – one book may be read by up to 15 people. Last year we distributed 50,000 “The teachings of Prahlada Maharaj”. This year we have two books, one is “Krishna Rasaraj/Krishna The reservoir of pleasure”, cost price is 4.10 rupees per book. We also have a book designed for the children of Vraj called “A change of heart”. This is beautifully illustrated that presents solutions to the ecological problems of Vraj both spiritual and material. This costs 6 rupees per book because it is a large book. Ideally I need 20,000 Krishna Rasaraj and 20,000 Change of heart, costing 202,000 rupees, £3,107.

We also have space for two more devotees to join our team. But you must be able to live the sadhu lifestyle for one month. Sleeping in the villages and performing madhucari. Preaching in Vraj is very ecstatic and one will get an experience of a lifetime.

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Parasuram das

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