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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

A poem to Amekhala devi

Sunday, 16 May 2010 / Published in Poetry / 2,514 views

Ananta Purusottama das: The purest love in this world is from a mother

Something which cannot be done any other

Since our birth they just selflessly serve

We can’t repay, only love we can preserve


Such a patient mother, her sons testified

Patiently waiting, always by their side

Correcting with love, never with fear

That is no doubt what made her so dear


Amekhala cared so much for others

Acting like one of our seven mothers

She loved to love, never one to hate

Another wonderful motherly trait


The devotee community was her mission

It seems that she had quite a big vision

Like Prabhupada, build a house for all to live

Trying to help us, always able to give


For me, I always liked to take her advice

She made sense, experience made it precise

It was easy to listen, as you know she cared

That’s an experience I think we all shared

She was certainly brave, that we all know

Nothing to lose, so why not give it a go

Others may have left it, not too bothered

But for her it mattered, had to be covered


She never wanted anything in return

Tirelessly giving, so much energy to burn

Most would give up before even starting

So keen to help, her own needs departing


Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

She was no fool, but still went ahead

What had to be said, she was so strong

Trying to put right what she saw was wrong


Still, when she said what she had to say

It was with love, as that was her way

Only wanting the best for us all

At any risk, that was her call


When she saw injustice, she would speak out

She certainly never had any doubt

Swamis or gurus, didn’t matter who

Never backed down, convinced it was true


She served so many, duty beyond the norm

Not content to sit there, she wanted reform

She had a strong desire to give her life

A calling I think, to end all the strife


Srutakirti told us how she served him so well

Massaging his feet, I’m sure they didn’t smell

Sounds like a devoted wife, so willing

Happiness found at last, life fulfilling


After all she did for others in her life

As well as being such a wonderful wife

We wonder why she suffered at the end

Krsna knows, she saw Him as her best friend


Such a good example for all to follow

Tolerating pain, her mood deep, not shallow

That was her conviction, never afraid

Such a great devotee it certainly made


Tat te nu kampam, the devotees guide

This means Krsna was right by her side

She was so happy knowing this truth

Sheltered now by that eternal youth


Last year, when I saw her laying there, so calm

Still managed to greet us with her usual charm

So resolved to whatever Krsna’s plan will be

So, from this world she was soon to be free


Such dignity she showed us, and how to cope

Makes you see we should never give up hope

She said Krsna loves her, she felt relevance

Something to remember with some reverence


So many loving friends came near the end

That’s Krsna’s mercy, He is the best friend

Like all devotees at the time of passing

It’s all arranged, surrounded by chanting


Vaisnavas never die, said a great Thakur

We see that, in memory, that’s for sure

Something to learn, forever to keep

How can we forget, something so deep


Amekhala has gone to where she belongs

A place with the Lord, every word is a song

Earned by her love and sincere desire

Something for which can only aspireire

Damodar Arati in Damodardesh
Bharuch Yatra Report