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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Krsna’s birthday was celebrated at Nandagaon each year while Krsna remained in Braja

Wednesday, 16 August 2006 / Published in Quotes / 4,170 views

By Srila Baladeva Vidyabhusana

Sri Baladeva Vidyabhusana descibes the building of Nandagrama and a visit of Srimati Radharani’s to Nandagrama as follows in his Aisvarya Kadambini:

Seeing Him very gentle, humble, and filled with transcendental good qualities, at an auspicious moment, and with many auspicious ceremonies, King Nanda crowned his son(Krishna) the prince of Vraja. Nanda built a beautiful palace and appointed Lord Balarama prime minister and governor of Vrajabhumi. In this way he plunged everyone into an ocean of happiness.

To his personal architect’s son, a boy who was an ocean of intelligent and whose physical strength had no farther shore, Nanda ordered: “Please build a very wonderful palace that will please your friend Krishna.”

For Lord Krishna, the moon of Vraja, he at once built a very beautiful palace with a network of splendid roofs and rooftop apartments and with many beautiful courtyards, lattices, windows, doorways, and decorative water fountains. Decorated with four clear lakes full of blossoming lotus flowers and bounded by jewelled shores and gardens full of many kinds of blossoming flowers and humming bumblebees, that palace was splendidly beautiful.

On many mountain peaks the architect built many different jewelled palaces more beautiful than anything built by the celestial architect, Visvakarma. Expert at appreciating art and architecture, Krishna was very pleased, and with a happy heart gave the architect many jewelled ornaments and valuable garments.

Their forms the abodes of nectar of the most splendid transcendental handsomeness and Their hearts pierced by each others smiling glances, the lovers Sri Sri Radha and Krishna enjoy many pastimes with Their friends in these jewelled palaces.

After Maharaja Nanda and Yasoda Ma along with their entourage had visited Barshana, Princess Radhika, the object of Lord Krishna’s love and the auspiciousness of Vraja, desired to travel to Nandagama. She wished to go there decorated with costly garments and ornaments and holding a lotus flower in Her hand in the company of Her mother and friends.

The many very splendid palanquins and chariots, studded with vaidurya jewels, decorated with glittering ornaments, and covered with golden cloths, entered the courtyard of Maharaja Nanda. Decorated with tinkling ornaments and talking with great animation, the splendidly beautiful girls happily assembled for the journey.

Then Sri Radhika and the other girls, who were all very dear to Lord Krishna, the son of Nanda, ascended their chariots and palanquins. Singing many songs, and gently fanned by maidservants holding camara and other fans, the beautiful-eyebrowed girls left the palace courtyard.

A band of conchshells, kettledrums, and wind instruments played auspicious music during Princess Radhika’s journey. A band of heroic soldiers, armed with golden clubs, swords, bows, and arrows, guarded the travelling party on the front and sides.

A fragrant breeze gently blew, a great cloud became like a parasol to shade the travelling party, and the demigoddesses in the celestial planets sang, danced, recited prayers, and played mrdangas and other musical instruments.

Seeing the sprawling city of Nandagrama, which was encircled by walls and a moat and which appeared to them to be like a coiled-up serpent, a sublimely complicated argument offered by the grammarian Patanjali, or a celestial vine that fulfils all desires, the girls happily spoke many prayers glorifying Lord Krishna.

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