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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!


Sunday, 17 May 2020 / Published in Recent Media / 440 views

A very extraordinary Nrsimha Caturdasi onsite and online

Despite the Corona crisis and lock-down, the devotees in Simhachalam/Germany
celebrated a very extraordinary on-site and especially- an online Nrsimha Caturdasi festival this year from 5-8 May.
The whole setup almost seemed like the Lord’s personal and special arrangement in
reciprocation to fulfill the desires of His faithful servants! It may have
very well been the only true festival on this occasion this year in ISKCON

The temple was officially closed. Nevertheless, around 60 community members
assembled for three full days (instead of the usual 400 to 600 visitors!),
serving the Lord in intense devotion by making all kinds of beautiful
arrangements and offerings – all for His pleasure: several beautiful new
outfits, and a sandesh outfit made from colored sandesh and burfi, the
traditional forest outfit, several fire yajnas, an elaborate maha-abhisheka,
wonderful katha and ecstatic kirtans, a drama played by the children – all
concluding with a pushpa abhisheka and the jubilant swinging of
Laxmi-Nrsimhadev and Prahlada, accompanied by wonderful kirtans. The very
highlight was the fact, that HH Sacinandana Maharaja came to attend the
event. His participation was kept as a secret until
the very last moment in order to avoid big crowds of devotees being drawn to
Simhachalam, which may have gotten the local devotees into trouble.

Our temple president Gour Mohan Das closely cooperated with the local mayor,
who gave us certain security parameters to follow, and furthermore fully
supported and blessed the event.

Due to the festivities being celebrated in a small circle, the mood was very
sweet and intimate, and we all derived great bliss and satisfaction at heart
to have Maharaja’s close association in kirtan and hearing his deep and
wonderful katha. What made this year festival also special was that many Maharaj’s and talented kirtaneers, who usually are not able to attend this festival in Germany, had the opportunity to make an offering to Sri Sri Prahlad- Laxmi- Narasimhadev through
internet and live-stream, and many devotees around the world witnessed the
festivities through the internet and one can still be part of the full days of festivities through the recordings that remain. (visit: youtube channel – ( )

For more photos: Iskcon Simhachalam Facebook page

A very unique and extraordinary Nrsimha
Caturdasi festival – on all levels….!

Your servant, Devaki Devi Dasi

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