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Kids Summer Camp held at ISKCON Phoenix Temple

Friday, 13 August 2010 / Published in Reports / 4,370 views

By PrayagNarayan Misra

Phoenix, August 11,2010

Healthy Living Camp was organized at ISKCON Phoenix Hare Krishna Temple, Chandler recently for kids aged five years to 12 years in cooperation with health and wellness company Whole Body Fitness, LLC.

The one week camp was focused on equipping about a dozen children with the proper tools to make healthy nutritional choices through hands-on snack creating activities, while participating in exciting fitness programs & self-esteem activities. At the completion of the program, children were able to create healthy yet tasty snacks unassisted, understand daily nutritional requirements and learn easy-to-do-anywhere fitness program. Each day was different and packed with activities like indoor and outdoor fitness, arts and crafts, learning basic safety tips and music.

Parents as well as kids thoroughly enjoyed the camp activities which also included understanding the glories of chanting holy names, explained on the concluding day by Priest Janardana das, a disciple of His Holiness JayaPataka das Maharaja. Organizers Parul Agrawal- a congregational devotee and and Kimberly Green Lustig deserve heartful thanks for such a wonderful and well organized camp for kids in spiritual dham such as Hare Krishna Mandir.

Meera, standing in front of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu- won the best atheletic award in a running game, called ” Rama- Ravana”, conducted by Radha MadhavaHari das for the pleasure of Sri Sri Radha MadhavaHari, Sri Nath Gopal Ji and Sri Sri Gaur Nitai. Participating kids were supposed to run to left on sound Rama, and to the right on hearing Ravana- and Meera exactly did that all the times and won the first prize. All kids -as well Camp organizers Parul and Kimberly- wore blessed garlands and chanted Hare Krishna while posing for photos.

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