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Pastimes of Krishna drives away Ghosts

Friday, 13 August 2010 / Published in Articles / 3,625 views

By Vinayasheel devi dasi

Hare Krishna ,

Dandavat Pranam,
Please accept my humble obeisance
All glories to Srila Prabhupad and Srila Gurudev

Please accept my apologies for not participating actively posting due to maya attacking me in form of new Project
Today when I was watching Krishna’s pics on my mobile, I saw a picture wherein Krishna was born in Jail and then Vasudevji was taking him through heavy rains to NandMaharaj’s residence..and that Shesh Naag was protecting Krishna from heavy rains. Then I saw a picture wherein Krishna was collecting Cowdung and pasting it on walls. He was also milking a cow.
Then I felt pity on my thought process in Past.
When I was teenager, I used to think Why do I have to ride my Scooty, and I don’t have a car instead. Or, you can understand how cribbing I was, as I recollect my thoughts in past.
So these mundane thoughts were kind of ghosts influencing my subtle body.
But Krishna’s past times makes us realize, why to crib for such petty things. When Krishna is facing struggle and hardships from the moment he was born.
You can visualize a baby, weighing hardly 2 to 3 kgs, with very soft and sensitive skin, which should be ideally wrapped and kept in warm place near his mother – That baby is actually taken out in storms,winds and rains. The baby who deserves to be in palace and to be born with golden spoon in mouth, that baby is actually delivered in Jail with no cushions or beds.
Don’t you think that how many hardships our dear Krishna has gone through the moment he was born. Then once he was near Yashoda, he was given lathi in hand and blanket on shoulder and was asked to go behind the cows and sheeps. No doubt lord enjoyed, but he deserved much much better materialistic royal life. Still the lord dint complain when he was asked to touch cowdung and paint the walls.

Who are we and what are we ? What are our sufferings in front of what krishna has gone through ? Krishna and Radha faced first Heart break at such young age, when Krishna decided to go to Mathura. And here we cry when there are heartbreaks. We think that life is over. So many sad songs are written on heart break. Can we compare the pain Radha and Krishna gone through while they were getting separated to our mundane love stories and breakup’s ? No.
Have we ever thought how much pain Krishna must have gone through, when free will of certain souls, decided to fight against Krishna. And here we get hurt when someone doesn’t listen to us and doesn’t agree to what we say. Atleast in todays world, no one is coming with arrows and bows to fight with us, if they disagree. And all in all we are not seed giving father to get hurt so deeply , if the kid is taking weapons against us
Socho…What will happen if our son comes one day and says..mother give me this flat, else I will kill you. How deeply we will get hurt. Then we can understand, how deeply Krishna must have felt of these souls who rebelled against him.

Then why do we give so much of importance to small small inadequacies in life ?
I remember, when I dint like washing utensils at my home, when kaamvali Bai used to go on accidental leave. My mother told me story of Krishna washing feets of Sudama, and that he had collected plates of people who had taken their lunch in Yagya. When lord Krishna was ready to pick up the plates of people, who are we and what are we to crib against washing utensils.

So dear all, all I want to convey is , ofcourse lord is above all sufferings but don’t you think that all his pastimes help us in understanding that there is no need to crib on any small things about how hard we need to work or what hardships we have faced in life or are facing.
These thoughts are like Ghosts which actually go away by thinking about Krishna’s pastimes.

Thank you

Yours in service of Srila Prabhupad and Srila Gurudev
Vinayasheel devi dasi

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  1. nileshbhimajipawar says :

    Hare krishna,

    thanks for great is helping lot in my life.


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