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Pakistan Prasadam Relief – CALL FOR HELP

Saturday, 21 August 2010 / Published in Appeals / 3,047 views

By Priyavrata das

Dear Prabhus,

I would like to know if there are any temples in India who are able to respond to the recent flood disaster in Pakistan.

The latest information from the New York Times states:

UNITED NATIONS — One of the largest humanitarian relief efforts ever attempted is now mobilizing to help Pakistan cope with what its government and U.N. agencies are calling the worst natural disaster in modern memory.

The death toll is much smaller than in past disasters: About 1,600 are believed dead so far. But experts say initial assessments show the scale of damage and human suffering left by torrential monsoon rains over the past three weeks dwarfs the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, 2005 Kashmir earthquake, 2008 Cyclone Nargis disaster in Burma, and Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti — combined.

“What we face in Pakistan today is a natural calamity of unprecedented proportions,” Pakistan’s foreign minister, Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi, said during a special U.N. session to address the crisis, held here yesterday. “These are the worst monsoon floods in living memory.”

Food for Life Global is committed to providing support to disaster relief efforts managed by ISKCON or Food for Life projects. If we can get a confirmation that there is a team willing and able to head up a prasadam relief project to help survivors of the floods, Food for Life Global will initiate a fundraising campaign through our social network. We will also solicit for volunteer help as needed.

Please treat this matter as urgent. We are getting requests from the public as to whether Food for Life is able to help the victims of the flood and it is out desire to take any opportunity available that can help to expand prasadam distribution as per Srila Prabhupada’s desire.

In commenting on the story of Madhavendra Puri, Srila Prabhupada clearly stated that “this activity” [distributing prasadam offered to the deity] “should be expanded universally.”

Prabhupada further commented on the story of Sivananda Sena that “everyone should get a chance to take prasadam…” Certainly a natural disaster like the one in Pakistan offers a great opportunity to show indiscriminate mercy to those that truly need it.

I urge any temple in India that is near the flood areas to take the initiative to distribute Krishna prasadam, and they should know that Food for Life Global and our worldwide network of supporters are ready to help you.

Yours sincerely,

Priyavrata das

Paul R. Turner
International Director
Food for Life
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Toll Free: 1-(888)-816-6977
Fax Number: 208 906 8689
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Potomac, MD 20859
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    niscala ( User Karma: -7 ) says:

    Thank you, for your wonderful work, Priyavarta prabhu. Requesting Indians to help Pakistanis might seem like a long shot, as there is much ill-feeling towards Pakistan in India, after the mumbai bombings. But I hope that at least devotees can avoid the mistake of identifying the bodies of those helpless and desperate villagers, many of whom are innocent children, with those of terrorists, simply on the basis of their place of birth. Such is gross ignorance, based on bodily conception only, devoid of compassion, and the equanimity of vision described in the gita. Thank you for rising above it all, and I hope that our Indian godbrothers will follow suit, and do all they can to help spread goodwill and understanding.

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    PriyavrataFFL says:

    Thank you for your kind words. I thought that the article would get more comments than it has. I was very surprised. In any case, I did get a response from devotees in Pakistan and India and we are now working in a solution to provide prasadam to people.

    Pray for them!

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    PriyavrataFFL says:

    August, 2010 — Food for Life Global in partnership with affiliates in Pakistan and India are mobilizing teams to provide meals to survivors of the recent floods in Pakistan.

    According to FFL coordinator, Sandeep Kumar Maheshwary, most of the public have been collecting clothes, dry food, water, and medicine for the affected areas. They are then transporting the donations to local community groups or the Army who have set up relief camps.

    Maheshwary suggests that the most practical type of meal should be dry, like Dhal Chawal, or spicy rice, etc, however, the kind of meals served will largely be dependent on the financial support Food for Life Global recieves. “Food for Life is famous for providing hot, tasty nutritious meals at such times, and the Pakistan food relief will be no exception, explains global director, Paul Turner.

    The Food for Life Pakistan Relief Team will focus on poor, minority groups who have lost their homes.

    Areas of focus include: Sindh Areas: Hyderabad, Khairpur, Sukkur, Gambt, Shikarpur, Larkana, Rato, Dero, Mirpur. Punjab Areas: Kand kut, Kambr, Karmpur, Gunspur, Gutki, Khan Garr, Khan Pur Mehr, Sultan Kut, Sehdad Kut

    Food for Life Pakistan Relief Team will also try to collaborate with other NGOs, namely, the Swami Narayan Welfare Temple and Trust and the Pakistan Hindu Council.

    The teams will be led by Ram Yagya who is a full time volunteer with the Food for Life project and ISKCON Karachi.

    Contact Information:
    Ram Yagya: +92 301 36 88 360
    Sadhu Seva: +92 332 27 30 312

    DONATE NOW AT http://www.FFL.ORG

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    niscala ( User Karma: -7 ) says:

    Great news that the Hindu Council is gearing up to help the Pakistanis, regardless of their religion, I assume! Certainly such action is part of the peace process…we want to fight atheism, but so much atheism is caused because of sectarian religious hatreds, violence, jihads, crusades, or just as bad, turning a blind eye “because they are of THAT religion”. Only non-sectarian religion can bring about peace and the breakdown of atheism among pious people who take to it only because of outrage against the above. This is not a speculation- generally atheists always argue “but religion has caused so much violence and misery!” We have a non-sectarian philosophy, but unless we get rid of our sectarian mindset, it will do us no good, and will contribute to a godless civilization of lost souls. It will also do us no good if we get rid of the sectarian mindset, but do not express the result practically. This is an excellent opportunity.

    Priyavarta Prabhu, we would like to help us volunteers for FFL in poor areas in the near future- my husband is often expressing the desire- but we need to tie up a few of our material loose ends first, so for the time being, we will just donate..

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