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New Mayapur Harinama CD release

Monday, 30 August 2010 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 2,423 views


By popular demand the second Mayapur Street Harinama CD will soon be released. With 7 new tunes, some never heard before in any other part of the world, it promises to be an inspirational masterpiece that will get even the reluctant solitary japa chanter out of the forest and into the jumping crowds on harinam!

All the tunes used on this CD are regularly sung by Shastra dasa on his daily Harinama voyages into the nine islands of Navadvipa. Lately he has been meditating on the new Temple of Vedic Planetarium a lot during his chanting.

Dive into the mood……reserve your copy now!

Write to to reserve your copies.

Another big treat and surprise that is coming up is that the third Volume is also in the planning stages, but that one will not be done by Shastra dasa, it will be done by his son Nitai-Priya dasa, who has gained great popularity for his dedication and enthusiasm as well as unique sweet melodies. Many devotees may know him for his participation in Ratha Yatra Festivals across the world. Watch this spot for more news……

Those who do not have the first Mayapur Street Harinama CD yet, please visit for a copy.

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