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Report from ongoing construction work in Sridham Mayapur – Video

Sunday, 31 October 2010 / Published in Reports / 5,197 views

By Mandakini Dasi

For your transcendental viewing pleasure, Sadbhuja Das and team have put together a video documenting the present state of the temple construction. In it you will not only be able to see live progress, but also an in depth explanation of every part of the project. This is just phase one that we are showing you and phase two will be documented as well. So please stay tuned…

A question that frequently gets asked here at the TOVP is if Sri Sri Radha Madhava and Pancha Tattva are going to be moved into the new temple. Yes, They will be. We are also going to have another altar made for the disciplic succession. Lord Nrsimhadeva will have His own separate room under the right dome and Sri Sri Radha Madhava and Pancha Tattva will be under the center (main) dome. The left dome is going to be a theater where seminars and projections can be displayed.

Since the deities are moving into the new temple, ideas about what to do with the existing temple are being discussed. One is that we use it as a preaching center, but nothing is set in stone. Whatever is decided will be the best use of such a transcendental space.

On another note; the weather is now starting to cool off! Kartik has officially begun and this means that Gaura Purnima is just around the corner. An abundance of devotees have started arriving for the winter season and the Dham is full of transcendental buzz. It is extremely inspiring to see so many people taking a holy pilgrimage to Mayapur!

Temple of Vedic Planetarium from citraka dasa on Vimeo.


2 Responses to “Report from ongoing construction work in Sridham Mayapur – Video”

  1. hare krishna says :

    Hare Krishna!!

    It is un-believable!! It is hard to express as to how very excited i am after viewing the video on commencement of the construction of the “Temple of Vedic Planetarium”.

    i extend my heartfelt accolade to every person, how so ever remotely linked to this magnanimous project.

    i presume, The Lord may grace to auger me an opportunity – some day, to enable offer some contribution, how so ever insignificant may it be, to this divine project. May as well live to imbibe its Holy Aura, in its grandest splendor!!

    Allow me to extend my Naman, Bandan and Pranams to every of the blessed soul for having nurtured this to reality.

    All Glory to Shri Prabhupad Ji.

    Hare Krishna (LM-13181 Kol)

  2. sriyukta says :

    HARI HARIBOL!!! Mandakini Mataji, Thanks for the wonderful update on TOVP! Many devotees all around the world are both anxious and very excited on the progress.. One of the most challenging parts is when Radha Madhava, Ashta Sakhi and Panca Tattva will be moved to the new temples.. I am sure it will require plenty of mercy from Srila Prabhupada. We would all be looking forward to that stage. Just a small, humble comment, Mataji. It would be really nice if you could be wearing Tilak and Tulasi neckbeads on your displayed photo.. Makes you look more devotee-like. Haribol!


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