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Short update from Gita Nagari

Saturday, 13 November 2010 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 1,915 views

Dhruva: Please accept my humble obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Please find attached certificate and letter from DCNR regards managing our 200 acre forest in a sustainable way.

Grant approval for fencing will come in Jan 2011 for implementation in 2011 – they are still busy with ranking, will probably get heads up in Dec 2010 to the tune of $20k. Was hoping to get the whole 200 acres forest fenced but unfortunately Juniata county is not in the forest mgt priority zone – this year 2010 Juniata county did not even get a grant allocation.

Convention was enlivening, educational and great outreach – GN is now more known to the DC community. We were an exhibitor showcasing Gita Nagari Yoga Farm. We found the DC crowd very receptive – they were eager and intrigued by our cow protection stance and “yoga farm” where we explained that we do yoga on and off the mat – on is hatha and off is bhakti. They liked our organic farming and our milk products, home-made sweet potato breads, and pesto from basil from our garden. They loved the milk fudge (burfi) and carob chip cookies. They also liked that we are an intentional community and are all volunteers. They also like that we are a Retreat venue.

Contacts – some co-ops would like to carry our produce and products, an animal welfare group invited us to apply for a grant from them, many want to visit and experience organic farming, hand-milking and the forests and community, animal activists will list us on their web pages and encouraged that we offer Adopt-a-cow gift cards for Christmas, bee-keeping, leaf-plate making, and much more. We also met many College Professors from different disciplines who were intrigued by the combination of our activites – spirituality, community, sustainability, land stewards, animal stewards. Many yoga schools, youth groups, church groups also may want to retreat at the farm.

We are following up on all these contact in the next few weeks as much will manifest in the Spring again.

The Planning Team holds its debrief this weekend so more will come out of that meeting.

ys Dhruva

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