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Govinda Istanbul Cafe

Saturday, 13 November 2010 / Published in Reports / 4,291 views

By Nrsimha Krsna Das

Dear Respected Vaisnavas,

Hare Krishna!

I would like to give you some good news from Turkey. We are now working on our new project in Istanbul. By the mercy of Sri Sri Radha Syamasundara we are opening our “Govinda Istanbul Cafe” in Taksim square, in the heart of the city very soon. At the moment we are renovating our newly rented place. Here are some pictures from our cafe. We plan to make the place running full time for a trial period within 2 weeks and we will do an official opening after a month or so. It is a very happy event for us because we are in many ways limited in our public preaching activities but from now on we will be able to have a public place where we can distribute Sri Krishna prasada!

Please pray for us so that Srila Prabhupada’s family will go on developing nicely in the future in Turkey. I will keep you posted about the developments soon.

You are welcome to take part in the happy opening event. You may contact me for further details.

Your humble servant,
Nrsimha Krsna das
Iskcon Istanbul Nama Leader

Address: Govinda Istanbul Cafe
K.M Celebi Mahallesi Ipek sokak no:23/1
Beyoglu, Istanbul
(Street is close to Taksim square paralel to Istiklal)


2 Responses to “Govinda Istanbul Cafe”

  1. Mmahaprabhu says :

    Congratulations! I am planning to visit Istanbul. WIll u let us know the offical opening day?
    Thanks, haribol

    ys Mahaprabhu das

  2. Nrsimha Krsna das says :

    Thank you! Yes, I will informa about opening day.
    your servant,
    Nrsimha Krsna das

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