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Happy Happy Diwali 2010 Budapest

Monday, 22 November 2010 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 2,511 views

bh. Tibor: Happy Diwali 14th Nov.2010 Budapest – Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts

Organized the Hindu New Year Festival the Budapest Hare Krishna Temple’s Devotees.

Dívali: The light of the holiday – let him introduce it into his home!

The row of Dívali, the tea light garland, lights – the Sanskrit says it – the abundance, the growth, the holiday of the cleanness of the light, the consciousness. Dívali you are Dípávali on this intimate holiday of a god’s incarnation, the faithful ones celebrate to Lord Rámacsandra victory Rávana above a demon and his homecoming following it. Dívali is the day of the Hindu New Year in one. In India and now already apart lights light his multitude in the period on the world.
Dívali is the day of the Hindu new year in one. In India and now already apart lights light his multitude in the period on the world, as the people_nation put Rámacsandra road out in order for Ajódhjába to find the way home as soon as possible once. The tradition an edge, everybody may undertake a part in the homecoming of the light, the victory above the darkness today, and may get abundance and happiness to enter his home.

The light of the holiday has the merriment lent because of the light of the Sun in store for the coming year. The land keeps his fragrance, its flavour, its warmth, the light of the knowledge, the cleanness of the religious rites. We bring the flame into the room and we get it from hand to hand, as what the knowledge is wandering by word of mouth – we know it so beyond the experiences tale. This knowledge connects the celestial one with the countryman, the material one with the spiritual one. There is anything else, what would be more important to move onto the New Year?
The new year following from the circulation of the nature helps in the purification.

We may lure the affection and the successes under the lid if ourselves light a tea light in our home, and in India – it is spoken – Laksmí déví, the fortune, the richness and the goddess of the joy drops in then to us. he is inseparable from the light, his spouse, Supreme Lord, like this – as what observes the road of the light – ourselves may host it.

We incite everybody to the carrying of the flame on Dípávalí holy holiday. The vitality, the holiday, and we hand over the light of the knowledge to you simultaneously, and this from shape litter we invite it the light onto a holiday.

The program was of the evening

18:00 Arrival, refreshments
18:30 They told a toast:
Excellency Gauri Shankar Gupta, Hungary ambassador of Republic India
Szászfalvi László, for church case, nationality and civil contacts responsible undersecretary
Dusicza Ferenc, reformed clergyman, it RTL Klub the editor of religious and cultural programs
Sivarama Swami (Létai Péter), MKTHK driving clergyman
18:50 Hosszú Zoltán it Öko-Völgy a foundation’s president:
“Maintainable the cannot be maintained?”
19:10 Festive candle ignition
19:20 Sjámaszundara dász (Bakaja Zoltán) his compositions and his poem translations

They make an appearance:
Lendvay József – violin
Fuentes Amador Buda – piano (Bartók Konzervatórium)
Bányai Júlia – song
Bazsó Adrienn – poem
Isvara Krisna dász (Tasi István) – poem
19:50 Dinner – with traditional Indian music




Your servant, bh. Tibor

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