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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Gita Jayanti – in Hare Krishna Temple Budapest 2010

Wednesday, 08 December 2010 / Published in Reports / 10,269 views

By bh. Tibor

The Gíta Jayanti basically the remembrance of the telling of Bhagavad Gíta, which is an ancient Hindu scripture.
Such a celebration, when Krishna conscious believers, Hindu people in India are remembering of Sri Krishna telling this transcendental knowledge 5000 years ago to Arjuna.

BG, consisting of 18 chapters, is a part of Mahábhárata, what is an ancient, larger Indian epic. In BG Krishna is talking about the eternality of the soul.
When such a celebration is conducted, either in India or in the western world, than the believers reliving the experience by reading the verses from BG, what Krishna has said, and this gives a very firm spiritual consciousness.

Sri Krishna approximately 5000 years ago narrated this wonderful spiritual knowledge at the Battlefield of Kuruksetra. The spiritual content, spiritual essence of this Gita is related to the Battle of Kuruksetra, what is about the immortality of the soul, and the relationship of the sould with God. This is said to be the immortal message of BG, what is usually appears in a human society, when there is some problem, what is connected to a battle here.

Since Krishna told this BG in the human society to Ardzsuna, who was the hero of the ancient epic Mahabharata, year to year in India, and since 1976, when Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada inaugurated the rememberance of Gita Jayanti in the west also, many people and many devotees, Krshna conscious believers in the western world are remembering to this wonderful occasion.

This Gita Jayanti celebration is very significant, and a tradition of great importance.
To such a degree, that His Excellency the Ambassador of The Indian Republic in Hungary also took part at the occasion, and found it very uplifting and favour.

Video by “andrask21”
bh. András Könyves

Hare Krishna!
Thank You!
your servant, bh. Tibor

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