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Gemini Rising

Thursday, 06 January 2011 / Published in Poetry / 2,096 views

Giribaradhari das:

Cursed or blessed, I don’t really know,
Born under a strange constellation.
The ways of the stars I can’t understand.
That’s the cause of my consternation.

Five planets in gemini in the first house,
It leads to a lot of confusion,
My venus and mars, well placed in the stars,
But my mind is still filled with delusion.

This earth is spinning round and round,
My mind is spinning too.
A million planets in outer space,
Just what am I supposed to do.

In days of old, fortunes were told,
By gypsies in long black gowns.
With their tarot cards and their crystal balls,
As they travelled to various towns.

At night I dream, I dream of the stars,
Sparkling in the sky,
And the heavens and the great constellations,
As the signs in the zodiac go by.

And astrologers today, I don’t understand,
With their sutras and musty old books.
Are they magical soothsayers,
Or are they smooth talking crooks.

A curse or a blessing, I don’t really know,
To be born under a strange constellation.
The ways of the planets I can’t understand.
That’s one cause of my utter frustration.

But as I gaze at the sun and the moon,
I feel a strong sensation,
Oh Krishna, oh Lord, I am always amazed,
At the wonder of Your creation.

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