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“Cameras Ready ! And……Action !”

Tuesday, 11 January 2011 / Published in Poetry / 1,969 views

Giribaradhari das:

te-naka te-naka te-naka taa !
I hear the mrdanga beat.
I’m really completely jet lagged,
Still trying to find my feet.

Well, we took a plane, left in the rain,
And now I’m in Brazil.
The air is wet, the sun is hot,
And a jungle’s just over the hill.

Told my mum I needed a change,
I didn’t have time to explain,
I know she’s going to worry,
But it was so cold in chilly Ukraine.

And now the air’s so hard to breathe,
In this tropical heat,
I shuffle along, singing the song,
Watching my two left feet !

I’m dressed in a pale pink sari,
With gopi dots on my face,
I’m trying to move as best I can,
With lots of style and grace.

And as I move myself along,
Shanghaied is the word I’d use,
‘Cept, I was really quite willing,
‘Cos I’d nothing much to lose.

ta-tata ta-tata ta-tata boom !
The mrdanga beat’s getting faster.
Maybe my life’s taking a turn,
No longer heading for disaster.

Later, we’ll sail on the Amazon,
And that’ll be lots of fun.
” Crocs and snakes and ‘gators ! ”
Just wait till I tell my mum !

The guru is really awesome !
And he likes the way I dance.
“And chanting the Holy Names,
Is the way to really advance ! ”

Well, different slok’s for different folks.
That’s just the way it goes.
I’m chanting Hare Krishna,
And dancing on my toes !

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