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ISV celebrates “Bringing back old friends”

Sunday, 20 February 2011 / Published in Book distribution / 2,126 views

By Raxit Jariwalla

Hare Krishna Dear Devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

The first Monthly Sankirtana Festival of 2011 entitled “Bringing back old friends” was concluded yesterday and the final results offered to Lord Nityananda at a celebration honoring His divine appearance day held at the ISV temple in San Jose, CA.

In the spirit of Nityananda Prabhu’s unlimited compassion, ISV devotees held their first Hari Nama performance of the year in Palo Alto, CA on Friday, February 10 and conducted massive book distribution throughout that weekend.

The MotelGita team (including devotees from Houston and Boston) and our Smartbox team also participated in book distribution.

In keeping with the theme of this MSF, everyone was asked to reach out to at least one old friend during this MSF. Members of team ISV renewed old contacts by giving special attention to their friends. In addition, ISV welcomed and hosted guests from Hungary who had flown here to see ISV devotees participate in the Sankirtana festival.

Summary of Scores
Here is a summary of the results from book distribution:

* More than 40 devotees participated in book distribution
* They distributed 2,842 books, which include 1,497 Bhagavad Gitas placed in motels nationwide
* They collected $13,097 in Laxmi points, which include $10,343 raised by team MotelGita

On behalf of team ISV, we thank all participants and donors.

MSF for Lord Nityananda ki Jaya!

Yours in service

param vijayate sri krsna sankirtanam!

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