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Celebration of Holi at ISKCON Kanpur (Life Members Holi Milan Utsava)

Sunday, 20 March 2011 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 5,228 views

Madhavendu das: In the Brahma-vaivarta it is stated: “Whoever sees Govinda on His swing (during Jhula-yatra), Whoever sees Madhusudana on the dola platform (during Holi festival), and whoever sees Vämana on His ratha will never take another birth.”

Recently (7th and 8th Feb 2011)ISKCON Kanpur held two days graceful festivals blend of Sri Sri Jagannatha Ratha Yatra, The most Auspicious ground breaking ceremony for New Temple (60 Crores project) and Annual festivals of Sri Sri Radha-Madhavj. For details please see the link:

“Holi” (festivals of color) is an opportunity to give spiritual stimulation once again to the citizens of Kanpur, joyfully celebrated today (18th March 2011).

We invited all our life members/founder members/donors for this festival and more than 3000 members participated joyfully.

“Holi” as the most important festivals in India and celebrations take place everywhere in the country with immense joy and fervor, honoring Krishna’s playful pastimes throwing of powdered and liquid colors at His consort Radha and Her gopi friends.

We arranged organic colors (made in our kitchen) varieties of colors 12 big container full with different liquid and dry dye, 25pcs traditional water-guns called “pichkaris” to spray on each other with liquid dye, 350 Kilos of rose petals and also 50 Kilos other flower petals.

HG Devakinandan Prabhu (ISKCON, Zonal Secretary for UP, Rajasthan, Vrindavan and Juhu Mumbai) delivered a short speech, about the history of Holi festivals and encouraged everyone to follow Vedic culture.

At 7:30pm started the most gorgeous Abhisekh of Sri Sri Radha-Madhavji with Milk, Yogurt, Ghee, Honey, different colors of fruits juices and 400 hundred kilos of flower petals.

Holi (throwing color) started; all the participants ran to the colors container and took “Pichkaris” and color powder in hand to through on each other.

Along with the Holi Bhajan by HG Narada Prabhu, everyone was having very joyful mood and ready to play their traditional Holi spraying of colors—And then water dyed red/green/saffron were sucked up from container and shot up into the air and onto the crowd. Everyone sprays and gets sprayed.

Everyone actively took part to play with rose petals and then zeal with all other colors dry and liquid.

Almost one and half hours of Holi, everyone found totally immersed in the spirit of devotion joyfully chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra Kirtan, dancing in ecstasy and throwing colors on each other.

This was as good as the Holi of Vrindava. In Mathura Vrindavan celebration of Holi goes more than two weeks, different days in different places and many thousands of tourists from different parts of the world take part with immense enthusiasm.

Please see the photo link and you can guess how devotees are enthusiastically playing Holi here in Kanpur.

photo link:

Towards the end HG DevakiNandan prabhu announced about the new temple project and reassured that in a two years time we will finish the project. He also encouraged all the participants to help the project by sponsoring square feet and to become founder member, after the program many people signed up and showed up their enthusiasm to support the project which is very encouraging.

And then everything end with delicious Krishna Prasadam feast for everyone.

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