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3rd Annual Boat Festival in Yamuna

Sunday, 20 March 2011 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 3,224 views

Deena Bandhu dasa: Saturday March 26th marks the 3rd Annual Boat Festival in Yamuna organized by ISKCON Vrindavan! The annual boat festival in the temple courtyard will be on Monday 28th March. Every year thousands of devotees come to Mayapur for the Holy Appearance Day of the Golden Avatar of Krishna Prema Sri Krishna Caitany Mahaprabhu. Afterwards many of these devotees come for wonderful parikramas of Braja Dhama. Taking advantage of their auspicious presence, for many years we have been organizing the Boat Festival in the temple courtyard. Since it has become so popular it has become very crowded, so for last three years, we are organizing a second Nauka Bihar festival on a Saturday evening on the Sacred Waters of Kalindi, especially for the devotees from out of town to participate!

This year, just as last year, the festival will be at the Vrindavan Kumbha Mela Grounds on a very scenic forested place on the river banks! Our goal is to spread the glories of Srila Prabhupada and have a festival that would become famous in Vrindavan and which all can attend. We will start with a huge ecstatic Nagar Sankirtan procession through the holy Nagar of Vrindavan with gorgeous 3ft Radha Shyamsundar Deites that we are making just for the occasion. This year we have added something new! At 5pm while we are setting up Their Lordships on the gorgeously decorated boat, all the devotees will do Yamuna Puja by offering abhisheka of milk into her holy stream!

Radhe Shyam will then sail on the cool dark waters of Kalindi while the devotees surround them in other boats showering Them with flower petals! Meanwhile on the banks we will have an ecstatic kirtan going on led by HH Lokanath Swami! Towards the end, we will offer a delicious Chappan Bhog offering for the pleasure of Their Lordships and after Mahaprasad will be distributed to the devotees! To conclude the festivities, there will be an exciting fireworks display over Yamuna’s stream.

You may see the pics from 2 years ago at: or last year’s, if you are on Facebook at: aid=206424&id=787814837

If anyone one wants to help us with this wonderful festival, please feel free to contact me at

In service of Srimati Vrinda Devi, Deena Bandhu dasa

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