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Some poems on Lord Krishna

Wednesday, 23 March 2011 / Published in Poetry / 5,754 views


From an early age, Lord Krishna stole butter
In Gokul, he always did create a flutter
He broke earthen pots with a flourish
For the Lord, there was no need of cup or dish

The village of Gokul was surrounded by meadows
Around Mount Govardhan and its shadows
The Yamuna swept past in slow undulation
The pastures green with verdant vegetation

The cows and calves frolicked all day with Lord Krishna,
Their friends, the gopals, the gopis, and Lord Balarama
The cows of Gokul gave forth milk in plenty
For all the folks, there was peace and prosperity

The gopis and damsels of Gokul
Always had their pots full
Of milk and curds and cream
Like an idyll, as in a dream

While walking along, the gopis looked here and there
To see if the Lord was hiding nearby anywhere
Lord Krishna used a sling shot
To make a hit on the selected pot

The pot shattered to the ground
The butter thief and His friends collected around
While the gopis fled from the spot
In case Lord Krishna took another potshot

Why were the gopis’ pots always full ?
Why this bounty so benign and plentiful ?
Why were the children so happy and pleased ?
Why were the folks so carefree and satisfied ?

Why was the breeze so laden with scent ?
Why were the clouds so lazy and indolent ?
Why did the dawn bring its promise with rosy light ?
To bring forth another day, so sublime and bright ?

Why were the cows and calves so happy ?
Why were the gopals and gopis so carefree ?
Why this eager anticipation of another day ?
The simple rustic life, full of joy and play ?

Lord Krishna shared the spoils with his allies
With the gopals, the gopis and the monkeys
Whilst Lord Balarama complained to mother Yashoda
Of the Lord’s mischief he fully briefed mother Yashoda

The gopis also brought in their grouse
Of broken pots and stolen cream in their house
They assembled and derided the Lord Krishna
Fully supported and corroborated by Lord Balarama

On hearing their complaints, mother Yashoda duly recognized
She was certain, the Lord had to be suitably chastised
She proceeded to make amends for His naughty impudence
With fearful eyes the Lord pleaded His innocence

Mother Yashoda brought in a rope
To tie Him up was her simple hope
She tried rope after rope, sweaty and diligent
But the rope was ever short, somewhat deficient

Mother Yashoda just could not tie up the Lord with the ropes
Each and every one was too short, till she gave up all hopes
At long last, the Lord took mercy on Yashoda, His fond mother
The ropes fell into place and mother Yashoda was saved from further bother

Whatever we get from the Lord is by His mercy only
Not from our toils, our cleverness, or dexterity
The Lord gives to us what we deserve
Everything else He keeps in reserve

He knows what is best for us as He is the eternal father
Of all living entities the only sincere well wisher
The Lord of all worlds and material features
The friend and benefactor of all creatures

The Lord is a friend to all living entities
He showers goodwill and many mercies
This bodily connection, and kith and kin, are only temporal
Our relationship and journey with Lord Krishna is eternal

The Lord descended to earth to give us pleasure
Not wealth, but His love, is the real treasure
That is the lesson we learn from Gokul and Brindavan
The eternal playful pastimes of the Lord of Govardhan !



The inhabitants of Gokul and Brindavan

Were thankful to the gods in heaven

They had had a good harvest

And felt that they were very well blessed

They were thankful to Indra for his bounty

For sending them rain in plenty

They prepared lots of delicious treats     

Puris, kachoris, malpoas and other sweets


They made everything ready in heaps

Indra thought that the offerings were his for keeps

Indra waited in great anticipation

Of the treat, with pleasureable expectation     


But the young lad Krishna asked to be heard

His foster father, the chieftain Nandmaharaj paused 

Krishna said, “why to Indra ? what has he done ?

Why not to the real giver, mount Govardhan ?


It is Govardhan that gives us green grass for grazing

It is Govardhan that gives us verdant fields for cultivating

It is Govardhan that is worthy of our gratitude

It is Govardhan to whom we must pay tribute


We must offer all this tasty food to our rightful friend

Before it is too late, we must make amend”

The simple folks of Gokul hesitated and paused

Krishna spoke the truth, they averred


To Govardhan then all this food was offered  

Instead of to Indra, as the villagers had originally planned

Lord Indra, king of heaven, was flabbergasted

What cheek, what impudence, he raved and ranted !


Who was that boy Krishna, who asked the villagers to defy the devtas ?

How dare the simple villagers defy the power of the king of devtas ?

At the instigation of that mere ordinary mortal Krishna,

They dared to defy the wrath of the most powerful devta, Indra !


Why did they listen to that impudent and talkative stripling ?

What right did the villagers have to divert his rightful offering ?

The villagers must pay for this insolence

King Indra will punish them for their impertinence


He sent forth torrents of rain, thunder and lightning, in great anger

The villagers of Gokul were besieged and in mortal danger

They ran helter skelter, as the torrents gushed from a height

The cows and calves were frightened and bellowed with fright    


Krishna the young lad, Krishna the chit of a cowherd

Then lifted the massive Mount Govardhan above His head

With the little finger of His left hand, in classical pose

Of His supreme nature, He gave Indra a telling dose     


The simple villagers flocked under Govardhan for sanctum

From Indras belligerence they reached safe asylum

Indra was astonished, but his ignorance persisted alright

For seven days he made the clouds pour forth with full might 


The Lord simply smiled while the deluge went on and on

For seven days without end, until the clouds went into oblivion

While the inhabitants of Brindavan received food and succour  

Were comforted, warmed and fed by the Lord by His mystic power !


When the deluge stopped, the land became dry again

And the inhabitants of Brindavan could venture out again

They resumed their lives with safety and security

Overseen, as it were, as the Lords personal responsibility   


Thus Indra learned his lesson of misplaced pride and feelings

And demonic lust that shows the ignorance of imperfect beings

He duly repented for his mistake, and fell at the Lords lotus feet

And begged forgiveness for his ignorance and misplaced conceit


Indra then praised the Lord for showing him his place without harming him

And for guiding the inhabitants of Brindavan to see the truth supreme

And for being the one and only cosmic controller

Of the entire creation, the Supreme Lord and master !   


Lord Krishna, most merciful, performs His pastimes for our own sattvik pleasure

The inhabitants of Brindavan acknowledged  the Lord as their own dear treasure

Worthy of love, affection, veneration and full devotional service

As is our natural constitutional position, all we have is only His !


Gautam Saha


Lord Krishna, undisputed master of the universe
Is the reservoir of all conceivable opulence
“Sachidanand Vigraha” is the title which is rightfully His
Which means “eternally full of knowledge and bliss”

His beauty is beyond compare in the entire creation
His appearance and His smile is the antidote for this material condition
The cows, the calves and the deer, snuggle at His feet
Not afraid of He Who provides the universe with heat

The flowers are enchanted and sway in the breeze
They play merrily with the frolicsome bees
The twigs and the leaves rustle softly in the gentle wind
All reminding us of the Lord in spite of the material grind

The existence of a rose and its ethereal beauty
Is not a condition of life, nor of necessity
But an extra, a reminder of a divine presence
Niranjana has infinite goodness and sublime benevolence

As Gopinath, He is the Lord of all the damsels of Brindavan
For the Gopis, Brindavan is as good as Heaven
Where they can be and relate with Shyam Sunder
Like children, full of playfulness and whim

The damsels of Brindavan rejoice in the Lord’s company
They sing, dance and play music, as an exuberant symphony
Forgetting all worldly worries and cares
Leaving behind all anxieties and scares

As Raas Behari, The Lord relates with every living entity
Based on its own personal choice and propensity
He plays the game in good faith and by your own rules
Be you a genius or a demon, or are aligned with fools

Be you His friend or foe, His brother or sister
His father or mother, His son or daughter
He reciprocates fully, manifold, and in full measure
Our relationship with the Lord is life’s real treasure

As Govinda, He gives pleasure to our senses and sensation
He fills us with spiritual and emotional satisfaction
He gladdens our hearts with His eternal pastimes
The Lord’s “leela” transcends all eons and times

All yogis and aspiring yogis try to keep Him in their mind
He steadies our senses and prevents us from going blind
In the material happenings of physical nature
Which tend to divert us from our true spiritual character

As Giridhar, He gave shelter to the hapless villagers of Brindavan
He effortlessly lifted the mountain of Govardhan
He took seriously His duty to protect the simple citizens
From Indra’s wrath and infuriated vengeance

In the process, He cured Indra of his belligerence
Of his misplaced pride and conceited insolence
Indra realized who is the supreme controller
Who is the real Lord and master and overseer

As Gopal, the Lord enacts His role as and with the cowherds
Barefoot, innocent, rustic, and speaking simple words
He protects the gentle and peace loving cows whom He loves and tends
Leads them to green pastures and plays games with his simple friends

He protects his admirers and devotees as His own dear flock
The demons who intervene receive an appropriate knock
He kills the demons and miscreants who come in His way
And threaten the lives of innocent men and pillage and slay

As Ghanashyam, the Lord is the colour of a rain cloud
As Sudarshan He stands out, whether alone or in a crowd
Madan Mohan wears a peacock feather in His hair
And the yellow garments He dons with a flair

As Nandlal, He is the darling of Nandbaba, the headman
His foster father, who loves Him dearly, and is also a godly man
As Devakinandan, Mother Yashoda’s most precious possession
Naughty and playful, yet her own dear son

His childish mischief they all cherish
They run to fulfill His every wish
Laddoo Gopal demands sweets and milk and curds and cream
The inhabitants of Gokul run to satisfy His every small whim

As Murlidhar, the Lord plays the flute
The music is timeless and absolute
Floating through the whole creation
For our spiritual solace and recreation

The Lord expresses His love in sublime ways
Fills our lives with peace and idyllic days
He loves each and every creature
Without bias, in equal measure

As Brindavan Natwar, He glides through the sylvan glades
As the sun rises, traverses, and moves on into evening shades
Dancing His way through creation
With silken steps and sublime motion

As Bankey Behari, He is the Supreme Enjoyer
The recipient of our love and everything we offer
This potency of the Lord is most merciful
This act of acceptance ensures our blessings in full

As Radhanath, He is the Lord and companion of Radharani
Within the sylvan glades of Brindavan, in Her timeless company
Radharani embodies and represents the energy
of Ramaraman’s infinitely supreme pleasure potency

As Kunj Behari, He is in consort with Radharani
Enjoying the verdant gardens in nature’s symphony
Lazy afternoons spent on floating bowers
Bedecked with scented and beautiful flowers

As Vallabh, the Lord is friend to every living entity
Full of goodwill and generous propensity
His love is selfless and for our own good
His love fills our hearts and is the soul’s food

As Leeladhar, the Lord is the doer of marvellous acts
Transcendental in nature, yet authentic facts
The Lord’s “leela” is meant for our pleasure
His protection and love transcends worldly treasure

As Janardhan, the Lord bestows boons with loving care
As a true father, He is always concerned about our welfare
He gives us more than what we merit
Yet we grumble and deny Him true credit

As Jagannath and Jagdish, He is Lord of the universe
His writ runs throughout creation and the cosmos
He comes out into the street to meet us all
To ensure that kaliyug does not induce our fall

From Padmanabha’s navel springs a lotus stem
As Purushottam He is none other than Lord Ram
Who traversed the earth as a normal mortal earthling
Exemplary in actions, compassionate to every human being

The long haired Keshav
Or the highly articulate Madhav
Or Atchyut who is unsurpassable
Is Aparajit, He who is unconquerable

Sarvapalaka provides succour and reciprocates with His devotees and friends
Draupadi pitifully looked for help from the assembly and her husbands
The evil Kauravas wished to disrobe and dishonour her in the assembly
But were unable to do so since the Lord shielded and reclothed her fully

As Ranchhod, the Lord ran away from Mathura calculatedly
Since He did not wish to see its inhabitants harassed repeatedly
By the frequent raids of the demonic Jarasandh and other miscreants
For his friends, the Lord was willing to be known as a recreant

As Parthasarthy, the Lord showed His concern for His devotee and admirer
For His intimate friend Dhanajaya, Janardana was willing to be a chariot driver
Holding the reins not just of Arjuna’s chariot of destiny
But making Partha victorious and famous for eternity

As Dwarkadeesh, the Lord lived with sixteen thousand queens,
Each separate palace, a beautiful and distinct residence
Living separate and unique lives with each loving queen
Even Naradmuni was witness to this amazing scene

Lord Sridhar as Ramakant or Kamalakant
Is also known as Lakshmipati or Lakshmikant
As the Lord is the husband of the goddess of fortune
With the Supreme Lord, mother Lakshmi is always in tune

The goddess of fortune resides always in the Lord’s heart
In every action of the Lord, mother Lakshmi is an inseparable part
When a devotee approaches or worships or pleases the Supreme Lord
Lakshmi automatically benedicts him from within the heart of the Lord

Lakshmi and Narayan are inseparable
Just as Radha and Krishna are integral
Lord Krishna as the original Narayan
Possesses limitless opulence from eternity to oblivion ——-

Gautam Saha

Krsna and Sudama – By Gautam Saha

Lord Krsna is lovingly inclined to all humans
As Brahmanyadeva, He is especially worshipped by all brahmanas
But one who surrenders fully to Lord Krsna
Automatically attains the position of a brahmana !
Krsna and Sudama, two friends of old
A king and a pauper – differences untold !
When Lord Krsna heard of Sudama ‘s arrival at His gate
He rushed out barefeet, in great haste

Krsna seated Sudama on His golden throne
Washed his feet and pampered them as His own
Fed him fruits, food and drinks of every taste
And applied on his forehead cool sandalwood paste

Krsna made Sudama recline on His bed
The very same He’d laid Rukmini on, when They’d wed
Krsna treated Sudama like His own brother
And chatted with him of their youth spent together

Maharani Rukmini, Lord Krsna ‘s first queen
The original Lakshmi, most beautiful and serene
Fanned Sudama with the camara whisk, with gentle grace
Careful that the fronds did not touch his tired face

While the friends chatted fast and furious
Of Sudama ’s present for Him, Krsna was curious
Sudama went silent, he was shy and hesitant
To hand over his little bundle, he seemed reluctant

The Lord knew that Sudama was living in poverty unending…
His bones were visible and his clothes needed mending
Sudama had evidently not eaten well in an age
Yet his visage did not betray any greed or rage

Krsna knew that Sudama was ashamed to offer Him paltry chipped rice
But Krsna insisted and demanded His price
The Lord snatched the bundle and ate a handful of provision
He nodded His delight and stated with full conviction

“Know that this handful of chipped rice brought with so much adoration
Will not only satisfy Me personally, but will also the entire creation !”
This would ensure mother Lakshmi’s obligation to Sudama life after life
And make him opulent and so live without strife !

Sudama was glad to see the Lord in His palace
And drank in Krsna ‘s kindness and beautiful face
Though an army of servants cater to Krsna and Rukmini eternally
Their Supreme Lordships took pleasure in serving Sudama personally

Sudama thought that to the Vaikuntha planet he had reached….
How could he have forgotten what the wise sages preached ?
The presence of Lakshmi and Narayan in any place
Makes it Vaikuntha, with every blessing and grace !

Though Sudama ’s wife had sent him to ask the Lord for some money
Sudama left for home early next morning, without asking for any !
He was merged in transcendental bliss thinking of the Lord’s dealings
And was very happy to have met the Lord and exchanged loving feelings

Sudama thought that the Lord had been very considerate and kind to him
By withholding money, the Lord had ensured that Sudama never forgot Him
We mortals are so selfish, forgetful and ungrateful
When we have money, we tend to forget the Lord and become sinful !

Sudama saw a new palace, instead of his house of old
Which was made of marble, precious stones and gold
His home had been transformed into a palace to rival the best
And it had all happened while he was Krsna ’s guest !

His wife, who had always been in tattered clothes, now was a sight to behold
Resplendent and beautiful, clad in silks and gold
There were multitudes of servants in fine clothes and precious adornments
On various household duties, to attend to Sudama’s needs and enjoyments

Sudama realized Who was responsible for this sudden affluence
And was grateful to Lord Krsna for His kindness and beneficence
He acquiesced in his new position in a spirit of renunciation
As he saw this opulence as a gift from the Lord, in His compassion

In this way Sudama lived peacefully with his wife
Freed from material longings, indulgence and strife
Enjoying all the facilities of opulence as prasadam of the Lord
And using it only for the service and glorification of the Lord

This is a manifestation of the Lord’s causeless mercy on His devotee
Even a morsel of chipped rice offered with great love and piety
Is highly appreciated by the Lord and ensures the devotee
Life after life, with endless opulence, peace, and prosperity

Just as watering the roots of a plant supplies the whole plant with nutrition
Any service offered to Krsna is distributed throughout creation
Since the Lord is the root of the cosmos and all material features
Love for Lord Krsna gets distributed to all living creatures

Whatever opulence we possess is a gift from the Lord, due to His benevolence
And should be used in His service and glorification, not sense indulgence
If used for our sense enjoyment, it will cause our abasement
But when used in the service of the Lord, will cause advancement

Lord Krsna is Achyuta, The Unconquerable, and always in masterful predomination
He nevertheless agrees to be conquered by His devotee, in meek subjugation
Even if you are His imperfect servant, Krsna will be the perfect master ever found
Who discharges all His obligations in full, unlike mortal masters who are not so dutybound !

The perfection of human life is to be a great devotee like Sudama
Well versed in the authorized scriptures, and a lover of Lord Krsna
Once you reach out for and take Lord Krsna ‘ s hand
The Lord Himself will make sure that He never lets go of your hand !
Gautam Saha

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