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ISKCON Vadodara

Friday, 25 March 2011 / Published in Reports / 5,844 views

By Arti Shah

Situated at Gotri road, the ISKCON Temple in Vadodara is about 2 km from the railway station.

[ Entrance to the ISKCON Temple, Vadodara ]
[ ISKCON Temple, Vadodara ]

The magnificent temple stands amidst beautiful gardens and green surroundings. The temple area comes alive in the evenings when it is filled with people and divine prasadam is distributed to all.

[ Govinda’s Restaurant and snack counter ]

[ Snack counter serving a variety of delicacies ]

[ Families enjoying a sunday evening 
at the garden in  ISKCON ]

    In the premises, there is a Govinda‚Äôs restaurant serving traditional Gujarati thali just above the snacks counter. The snacks counter serves a whole host of gujarati and south indian items out of which I found their dahiwadas and samosas very tasty. The food is very hygienic, ambience good and the prices reasonable.

[ Tulsi – An eternal associate of Lord Krishna ]

    In the garden, there is a plant of Tulsi (Holy basil), considered very sacred by the Hindus. Its leaves are considered uniquely auspicious in all the Hindu Vedic scriptures and are offered to Lord Krishna everyday – the main deity of the temple. The bhaktas maintain a large gaushala for cows, bulls and calves. Each of them is given a distinct name – Godavari, Radha, Saraswati, etc. 

    The rooms are clean and comfortable and we decided to spend the night here. Life members are charged Rs.100/day (non a/c) and Rs. 400 (a/c) while the other guests are accommodated against a further donation.

Sri Sri Radha Shyamsunder Mandir,
Gotri Road,
Baroda Gujarat 390021 INDIA

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  1. spiritualquest says :

    It is a great pleasure to see Sri Sri RadhaShyamsunder Temple after a very long time, about 7 yrs now. Nice to see pictures of surrounding etc. Was really eager to see.
    Gaur-gadadhar das

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