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Govinda-Buda & Budapest [Govindha-Buddha] – first steps to open

Sunday, 27 March 2011 / Published in Announcements / 2,830 views

By Bh. Tibor

Dear devotees!

Please accept humble obeisance!
All glories to His Divine Holiness Shrila Prabhupada!
All glories to ISKCON gurus!

We are pleased to inform you of 2011. On 21 March the Govinda restaurant in Budapest – the first Buda side of Danube – was opened.

Govinda-Buda Vegetarian Restaurant and Tea
Budapest 1023 Árpád fejedelem street 33. and Lukács street 1. (corner below the ground floor)

Govinda-Buda is the first of the restaurants we prashadam breakfast for our guests.

From 11.30, when they have a little bit hungry, a little peace and quiet you desire, food and warm welcome and a cold salad for lunch prashadam.

From 15.30, when at last a little rest and welcome pizzas, sweet and salty snacks, tea and coffee.
(Of course, no tein of the tea, the real brewed coffee machine coffee no caffeine)

The quality of food served, the quality and purity Parama Karuna Prabhu and Gadathara Prabhu care in the kitchen!

Prices and Opening can You see on the following websites at:

“This is the place……….. where food and welcome.”

The restaurant is unwarranted mercy of Krishna and Prabhupada and Sivarama Swami Maharajah’s wishes with the blessing was created.

Contrary to the opening of the draft in person, unfortunately, Sivarama Swami Maharaja could not come, but the following is a very kind and uplifting SMS was sent at the opening of the participating devotees:

“Dear Tibor!

I still cannot come to the restaurant, the program yesterday and today’s meeting is very worn.

Then the next month I will come to look at the restaurant.

I ask forgiveness from you and your wife.

Hare Krishna! And all the best. Sivarama Swami. ”

Prabhu Gaura Sahti – President of the Church – held the opening speech.

Govinda-Buda on the first steps leading to the opening of the made short films you can see here:

Hare Krishna!

Servant of the servants are the servants of the servants
bhn. Eleonóra
bh. Tibor

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