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Euro RGB minutes Mayapur 2011

Monday, 28 March 2011 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 2,883 views

Minutes of the Euro RGB Meeting
at Mayapur, India on 4 March 2011

Present (11/23):

1. HH AC Bhaktivaibhava Swami
2. HH Bir Krishna Goswami
3. HH Kavicandra Swami
4. HH Prahladananda Swami
5. HH Sivarama Swami
6. HG Dina Sharana dasi
7. HG Hridaya Caitanya dasa
8. HG Madhu Sevita dasa
9. HG Praghosa dasa
10. HG Ravindra Svarupa dasa
11. HG Tattvavada dasa

Proxy Votes: Radhanatha Swami, Yadunandana Swami, Radha Krishna dasa, Vedavyasa dasa


1. HH Radhanath Swami
2. HH Yadunandana Swami
3. HG Janesvara dasa
4. HG Kripamoya dasa
5. HG Mangalananda dasa
6. HG Mahaprabhu dasa
7. HG Narakriti dasa
8. HG Radha Krishna dasa
9. HG Syamasundara dasa
10. HG Tapasa dasa
11. HG Trisama dasa
12. HG Vedavyasa dasa


Review of and planning for the implementation of a Euro RGB restructure model

The name Euro RGB Body should be used instead of Euro GBC Body;

The name Euro Divisional Secretary should be used instead of Euro GBC;

The name Euro RGB EC should be used instead of Euro GBC EC;

Whereas the restructure model has been reviewed and wording corrected

The amended Euro RGB restructure model was accepted.

Life Membership

Whereas temples are sometimes burdened by overly demanding life members;

Whereas the life membership system and the services offered to the life members have been changed;

Whereas the life membership office has yet to send its updated description of the services granted to life members;

Whereas there is no desire to take the issue to the Indian RGB;

It is resolved that the Euro RGB EC will again ask the life membership office for clarification in regards to the updated life membership services.

Ashram schools & CPO in Europe

Whereas European yatras had to heavily contribute financially toward the Youth Fund case in the USA;

Whereas ISKCON cannot delegate its legal responsibility to a third party if abuse ever happens on its property in the future.

Whereas ashram schools can be opened locally on ISKCON property with the approval of the local ISKCON authorities

Whereas ashram schools can be opened privately on non-ISKCON property;

It is resolved that Sivarama Swami and Praghosa dasa will prepare a proposal for the Global GBC Body to forbid ashram Schools on ISKCON property for kids under legal age. Also, Citrarupini dasi will be contacted in the future when her personal situation has settled down, regarding the creation of a CPO office in Europe. The Euro GBC body extends their heartfelt prayers, blessings and best wishes to both Citrarupini dasi and Madhavananda prabhu during these challenging times.

Funding New Ministry Travel Costs by Syamasundara Prabhu

Whereas Euro Ministries need a budget to finance their service;

Whereas visits of Euro Ministers should be prearranged with the European temples;

Whereas the development of the Euro Ministries should not conflict with the development of the Global GBC Ministries;

It is resolved that before making any concrete decisions in regard to the development of the Euro Ministries this topic should be discussed with the four European members of the GBC Organizational Development committee, Sivarama Swami, Madhusevita dasa, Praghosa dasa, and Hrdaya Caitnaya dasa. Also it is resolved that a committee be created headed by Sivarama Swami and that Sivarama Swami will look into the structure of the Euro Ministries and enquire from the Global GBC when they are going to work on the Ministry system.

The research done by Prahladananda Swami and Vedavyasa Prabhu on renting our properties to various groups.

Whereas there should be some standard legal approach regarding the renting of ISKCON property to outside groups;

Whereas it concerns insurance issues;

It is resolved that more discussion is needed and this matter will be brought up for consideration after feedback from Hrdaya Caitanya dasa and the Radhadesh devotees on Prahladananda Swami’s and Vedavyasa das’s proposal.

Kirtan standards: which names can be chanted during kirtan publically and in temples?

Tabled until the international GBC resolution on this subject is available

Info Point: Kirtan Mela in Germany

Dina Sharana dd invites all devotees to attend the German Mela this summer and says that it will foster cooperation throughout the whole German yatra.

Official statement on the sanctions on Ripuha dasa and Dadhibhaksa dasa (Croatia)

The restrictions are lifted and the Euro RGB EC will write to them confirming this.

Requests by the GBCom to the Euro RGB

Whereas the GBCom made requests to the Euro RGB;

It is resolved that Praghosa dasa will try to spend an extra month in Mayapur (adding up four months in total).

Next Euro RGB Body meeting

ELM meeting: September 30 to October 1

Euro RGB meeting: October 2-3

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