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Facebook problems

Thursday, 31 March 2011 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 3,051 views

Anandamukhi Mittal: Hare Krishna,

There is a facebook community page by an atheist group who are blatantly insulting Lord Krishna, Lord Ram, and Mother Sita, as well as many other Hindu Gods. This is a direct insult and attack to our religion and Dharma.

This is what the founder says of his hate group:
“I am Basically a communist you will find bad thing in Hinduism more than any other religion I mean in every religion you will find one God Or a concept of one God in Hinduism you have like 100 of Gods every profitable thing(cows,rivers,trees) every big thing(mountains) every dangers thing(like snakes) is God even you can worship sex organs at temples so how could you justify POLUTION in the name of religion”

I think it is our duty as devotees of Lord Krishna, to sign in facebook and report the page..

to report the page enter:

1. click on “report a page” found at left column of page
2. click on “contains hate speech or attack on individual”
3. click on type “targets a religious group”
4. click on submit

As per the procedure, when maximum number of protests are received by Facebook management, it removes the page.

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