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Lord Krishna As Raas Behari

Thursday, 21 April 2011 / Published in Poetry / 2,587 views

Gautam Saha: Lord Krishna is Raas Behari, the reservoir of each and every relationship

One can relate with him at any level, in love or hate, in enmity or in kinship

The Lord will play the game by the rules you yourself set

To discharge His part of the deal, He will never forget

As the son of mother Yashoda and Nand Maharaj

He enabled them to exchange with Him “vaatsalya raas”

He was the perfect child, a bundle of mischief and joy

He played in mother Yashoda’s lap, her own dear boy

The cowherd boys of Brindaavan related with the Lord in “sakha raas”

They played and fought, and snatched food from each other, as pals

They laughed together and they cried together, as cronies

They faced dangers together and shared their food as buddies

As a friend to the simple cowherd boys of Brindaavan, with whom He played ball

He wrestled with them, and in pure friendship and equality, He took many a fall

When Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama took on the mighty wrestlers sent by Kamsa

They killed the two powerful giants in a trice, thus thwarting the evil designs of Kamsa

Kamsa was always obsessed with Lord Krishna, but with inimical thought

To kill Krishna was his sole obsession, to go to any length his mind was fraught

The Lord was in no hurry, he accepted the challenge to a wrestling bout

When the time was ripe, He snuffed out Kamsa’a life without harbouring any doubt

With the simple cowherd girls of Vrindavan the Lord exchanged “maadhurya raas”

Which has been explained by the great achaaryas as the highest form of “raas”

Mirabai also related with the Lord in “maadhurya raas”, in great intensity

The Lord is so magnanimous that He grants fully everyone’s wish for intimacy

Lord Krishna also accepts “santa raas”, a relationship in neutrality

The great devotee Prahalad related with Him in this form of affinity

We can relate to Raas Behari in “daasya raas”, as He consents to be our master

Since everything the Lord does is perfect, He will always be our perfect master

To relate with Raas Behari as His servants is our rightful position

Since the Lord is the Supreme Master of all creatures and the entire creation

To be in such a position is not a diminution of ourselves, or our identity

But a wise decision, where the benefits will accrue to us for all eternity !

Gautam Saha

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